Saturday, December 8, 2018

Teaching the Teacher

Cali is inquiring about being at Keri's gym and says it doesn't look that hard. But Keri isn't really impressed that Cali would say that so she is ready to get into showing Cali some pins. Keri wants to start with the camel clutch, and explains what each pin does. Keri is going to let Cali reverse the moves and try them. Cali goes a little extreme and Keri tries to tap out but Cali doesn't let her up right away. Keri gets a little catty and tells Cali to get on her back, mentioning she is sure Cali is used to that. Keri next shows Cali a figure four leg lock. Keri makes sure she is putting the pressure on Cali and Keri makes sure Cali knows the tap out rule. Cali's turn comes and she wants to know if she is a good learner. Cali asks as Keri is tapping out if she does it hard enough could she break something. Keri says yes in an irritating tone. Cali likes that pin, and Keri calls her an asshole. Cali laughs and says that's not nice. But Keri is ready to go into the next hold which is a Boston crab and tells Cali to get on her back. Keri then demonstrates and Cali taps out. Cali then demonstrates the move and Keri tells her she's got it. Keri taps out telling her she got it, and Cali gets a little excited and doesn't let go right away. Next Keri demonstrates a figure four head scissors. Cali taps and Keri lets go right away. Cali shows that she has it and she doesn't grasp the concept to let go once Keri taps out. Keri shows Cali the sleeper hold and doesn't realize she will be sleeping when it's Cali's turn. Cali knows that these moves are very effective. Keri feels like she has shown Cali enough. Cali tells Keri not to be a poor sport. Cali gets excited and says she feels like if they were in an actual match that she would totally kick Keri's ass. Keri thinks it's adorable that Cali is going to come into her gym and call her out. Keri picks Cali up so she can't move and Cali covers Keri's mouth with her hands. Cali had this all planned out. Cali knows how big Keri's ego is and wanted to show her who is really tough. Needless to say Keri was beat at her own game.

This clip runs 19 minutes long with female fighting, fantasy wrestling, female wrestling, scissorhold, bikini, domination, female domination and the 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logans Fight Club under the Female Fighting Category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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