Thursday, November 15, 2018

Clone Elimination

Synopsis: The world's greatest executrix (Cali) is training a new recruit (Karly) using virtual reality clones made to look like Cali in different costumes/scenarios. Each scenario increases in difficulty. In the end, unbeknownst to Cali, she is “retired” by Karly in favor of youth and then made into a trophy for the syndicate.

*Emphasis on feet/pantyhose, K0s & limp play*

5 mins: Karly is placed in the first scenario which is in a sports bar. She steps into the VR system (another room).

Cali-bot #1 pretends to serve customers then suddenly grabs Karly from behind and tries to knock her out with a sleeper hold. Karly reverses the position on the waitress instead. The bot tries to break free, Karly proceeds to retire the clone. Karly picks up Cali OTS and puts her in a place no one will find her.

5 mins: Karly steps into the VR system again and walks into a scene which is on an airplane. Karly sits in her assigned seat and notices Cali-bot #2 is walking to her. As Karly goes to reach for her ticket, Cali pulls out a blackjack and hits Karly over the head. Karly gets knocked out of her seat and is stunned. Karly wrestles Cali down to the ground with her and puts her into a "boston crab" wrestling hold. The pain is severe enough and Cali goes out then her body gets dragged by the legs.

5 mins
: Karly is now in a hotel room. She walks over to the bed to read what looks like mission plans. Just then, there's a knock at the door. Cali-bot #3 is invited in and walks over to the bed and pretends to notice a stained sheet which brings Karly over to investigate. Cali neck chops Karly out. Cali rolls Karly up in a sheet to incapacitate her while she looks for the executrix's plans for her next assignment. Karly comes to, frees herself and sneaks up on Cali and returns the favor with a neck chop of her own. Karly rolls Cali into the bedspread and carries her off to dispose of the evidence.

5 mins: Karly walks out of the VR system and Cali congratulates her on a job well done. As they walk away, Karly jabs Cali with a syringe which “retires” her. Karly then Removes all Cali's clothes except pantyhose and plays with her limp limbs. To hide the body, she Gets clear bin and stuff Cali in it, Puts a lid on for transportation to syndicate as proof she's been retired and Karly has taken over.


This 21 minute clip includes executrix, pantyhose, female fighting, lift and carry, fantasy simulations, wrestling holds, high heels. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Limp Fetish" category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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