Sunday, November 4, 2018

Boss Lady's Bad Day

All of Cali's employees are on strike against her and her managing ways. As she is getting off of the phone with her last employee, she begins having an even more rough day.

As Cali places her phone in her back pocket she talks to herself about needing a fresh start anyway. A mysterious hand comes from no where and takes her phone out of her pocket. Cali doesn't realize this happened, so she begins looking for it.

Her first thought was to look in the refrigerator, no such luck but a pie in the face. Cali has no idea how this even happens all she wants to do is go wipe it off first. Cali puts her hand on the handle of the faucet and she gets a nice shock. As she gets flung back from the shock her hair stands with her.

Her next thought is to walk out of the kitchen and somehow a broom is in her way and she steps right on it and it comes up and hits her. Cali is having a bad day of pranks. As she goes to sit on the stool there are thumb tacks that she didn't know was there until she sat down. Cali gets up and plucks each one out. She looks on the floor and sees her phone. As she bends over her pants rip. The mysterious hand gets a picture of her panties hanging out.

Cali's phone was stuck to the floor and she tries with all of her might to get it, but instead she falls back into a bucket that came out of no where. Cali struggles to get it off, but she does and tries to figure out what she can use to get the phone off of the floor. Cali goes for the cabinet she begins looking for something to use. As you see her split pants and her digging through the cabinet all of a sudden her fingers get attacked with clothes pins. Cali gets them off and goes looking for something else to get her phone off the floor. Of course the hand reappears and places a big spider on her shoulder. Cali sees it and begins freaking out ripping her shirt to shake off the spider.

Cali takes care of the spider situation and wants to know what's going on. Next thing she knows she gets a pie to the face then the chest. Cali is frustrated, but still on a mission. She takes a step right into a sticky trap and she cant move her feet but she happens to fall forward and gets her foot out of it. Cali takes off her shirt and tries to clean up the pie mess. With no luck for her on this day she sits in the same sticky stuff she stepped into. As she pulls herself up, she pulls herself out of her pants.

Cali goes to take a step not realizing what happened and falls right into a pie on the floor. She gets up and struggles to get it off her face and then a bucket falls onto her head. Once most of the crazy is done she gets a fork to get her phone off of the ground. Cali is bent over and gets stuck with a fork in the butt. She stands up and looks around wondering who is there. While Cali is looking around the hand gets the phone and puts it in her panties. She begins getting a phone call and is shocked that her phone is on her. She agrees to all terms with the person on the phone she just wants her day to go to normal. Cali gets off the phone pulls a string and she goes down with her butt in the air and her head in a bucket.

This clip runs 14 minutes long with practical joke, humor, embarrassed naked female, humiliation, wet and messy, clothes destruction and the 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logans Embarrassed Babes under the Practical Joke Category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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