Friday, October 12, 2018

Would You Like a FREE Custom Video to Call Your Own?

Of course you would :)

Here is what you can do to be entered in the drawing for your very own, 10 minute custom for the awesome price of $0...

Every time you make a purchase from my Fight Club store using THIS LINK:

(Gotta use the link to make your purchase...only counts if you use the link...) 

You will be entered into a drawing for each clip you purchase! Order 10 clips, get 10 chances to win. From there, send me your proof of purchase and Ill input your entries!

Dont let the name of my store scare you away- there is much more than just wrestling and catfights here! This was my main store at one time and still has plenty of content in many genres including, but not limited to superheroine, bondage, female training, embarrassment, robot, pantyhose/stockings, sleepy, freeze, stuck, WAM, Giantess...the list goes on.

If you see something you would like to purchase through the contest in another store contact me ( and Ill add it to my Fight Club just for you!

The drawing will be held live on Twitter January 16th which give you plenty of time to rack up more chances to win. No worries if you dont have twitter, Ill also send you an email if you are the big winner!! Of course, I would never reveal your identity or contact information on social media. Just your super secret code name ;)

Now, of course, there is some fine print...

1. USE THE LINK...just in case that was not already totally clear
2. If your purchase becomes a charge back or refund, there goes all of your entries- lets not ruin the fun for everyone. 
3. The prize is a standard 10 minute custom up to 2 models. IF props, wardrobe, additional models or content that would typically incur additional charges is required, you will be asked to make up the difference. Max prize value is $250.

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