Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Penance for Time Wasters

Yes, I saw you sitting there, but I dont want to look at you. So I wont. This ignore session is dedicated to all you pigs out there who have wasted a woman's time.

Asking for customs you never order- TIME WASTER
Spamming our social media accounts with "Can I ask you a question"- TIME WASTER
Writing 4-page messages that only have 2 sentences of substance- TIME WASTER
Begging for free content- TIME WASTER
String ladies along with your lies- TIME WASTER

And now you can pay for all of the time you and your kind have wasted. If you or someone you know is guilty of any of the above offenses, you best be purchasing this clip.

Anytime someone is teetering on the Time Waster line, Im going to block their email and send them this link. Then, and only then will I even consider responding to their apology message.

As you watch, Im typing this.

How does it feel to have your time wasted?

This 20 minute ripoff clip can be found in the Subordination Station under the IGNORE category.

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