Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Page 6 Sale!

Looks like its time for my annual "Page Sale" to commence! Last year I went with lucky number seven, so this year Im going with one page closer to the newest content.

For 2 weeks only, take advantage of my Page 6 Sale! All clips that are currently on Page 6 of my stores will be discounted to the lowest price Clips4sale will allow. Some real bargains considering how many 30+ minute clips are listed for just $12.99. 

10 clips per store, times 7 stores...You can do that fancy math ;)

Click on the store name and find your way over to page 6 to find your favorite fetish deals! (Make sure your settings are showing 10 clips per page)

*Wrestling, Boxing, Cat Fights

*Hypno, Freeze, ENF, Robot

*Superheroine, Cosplay, Villains

*POV Femdom, JOI, Findom

*Foot Fetish, Vore, Giantess, ENF

*Ropes, Tape, Gags, Struggling


*Forced Stripping, ENF, Pranks, Humiliation

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