Friday, June 1, 2018

The Bargain Bank "There's a Fee for That"

Bank manager Cali Logan is getting ready for her next appointment. Cadence was up a little bit early and Cali is flustered but she manages to get her stuff together. It’s been a rough month and she really needs a new account!

A smartly dressed Cadence comes in in the two begin to speak about the loan application. As Cali processes the paperwork, Cadence looks down to see her jacket has been swiped clean off her body. She is very confused and demands an explanation.

It turns out the bank takes physical items in order to cut down risk of non-payment for fees like opening accounts. Cali assures Cadence that most of the fees are one time only and it’s a great way for the bank to keep costs down.

As the process continues, Cadence begins to lose several more articles of clothing. She is barely covered and very upset! She murmurs under her breath that she wishes every other bank in town did not reject her. This causes a fee for Cali who loses her outer garments. “High risk account fee“ Cali exclaims. Working here certainly has its ups and downs.

The to use their hands two try and cover themselves as they continue setting up Cadence's accounts. When they’re finally finished they awkwardly shake hands and hear that dreaded sound again. Both look down to see who lost their underwear. It’s cadence... “Looks like your checks of been shipped!” states Cali.

Cadence is not amused but glad the whole process is over and rushes out of the bank before her shoes disappeared too.

Cali sits down and prepares for her next customer. Just then she looks down and sees that her underwear have disappeared. What Terrible timing for her monthly coffee dues to process. Terrible timing for her monthly coffee dues to process....For her anyway…

This 10 minute clip includes embarrassment, enf, euf, forced stripping. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Embarrassed Babes under the "embarrassed nude female" category

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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