Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Obedience App with Nadia White & Keri Spectrum

Keri and Nadia are fed up with their other roommate Cali.

"She acts like she rules the fucking planet." says Keri.

"We're all fucking adults. It's not that hard to pick up after yourself." Nadia replies.

"There's gotta be something we can do about it."says Keri, getting more and more frustrated.

Nadia smiles devilishly. "I heard about this thing, but I'm not entirely sure it's true. There's this company that makes a hidden app on your phone, totally undetectable. You download it to your phone, and enter the targets phone number, and it supposedly lets you control them."

Intrigued, Keri searches online and finds it. They decide to try it out, enter Cali's phone number and hit activate. Immediately, Cali walks into the room, arms stretched out before her with a blank stare on her face.

"Holy fucking shit!" Nadia says as they laugh excitedly.

Cali stops before them and asks, "How may I help you Mistress Nadia and Mistress Keri?"

"Scratch your armpits like a monkey!" "Make a monkey noise!" the girls command. Cali immediately obeys.

"Stop! Take off your shirt... like a stripper." Keri commands. "Yeah, make it real sexy." Nadia adds.

Cali begins to swivel her hips, slowly removing her white tank top to reveal her black and red bra. "Get your phone, we can blackmail this bitch!" says Nadia. Keri happily starts recording.

They continue to order her around, eventually commanding her to take off her skirt.

Now in just her bra, panties and black high heels, they tell her to get on her hands and knees, twerk, and roll around on the floor.

"Now stay on your back." Keri says. Nadia scratches her belly as Cali is told to act like a puppy, kicking her legs in the air like it's her special spot.

Still recording, Keri tells her to stand up and repeat the following. "I am a stupid bitch to my roommates. They are sexy and amazing and far more superior than I will ever be."

Keri then commands Cali to her bedroom. Moments later she returns wearing a very revealing, sexy french maid outfit. They command her to clean but still does a horrible job. Annoyed, they command her to bend over and take turns spanking her. Then made to clean their feet.

"Do you remember when we had a dog and that bitch made up get rid of it?" Keri asks. "I kept the toys. Lets go find them." Nadia commands Cali to stay and continue cleaning while they search for the toys. As soon as the 2 women leave the room, Cali snaps out of it. Instantly realizing something isn't right.

Cali picks up Keri's phone. "Those stupid bitches. They downloaded a mind control app but it's the demo version. How about we download the full version. Ooo, now you can add more that one person." Cali inputs Nadia and Keri phone numbers into the app and then pretends to still be under control as her roommates return. 

"What the fuck is the dildo for?" asks Keri. "I don't know, I though it would be funny." Nadia replies. Keri moves on and asks, "Which collar do you think would be best for our little pet?" Nadia chooses the black and silver collar and place it around her neck.

Cali continues to obey, pretending she is still under their control. They spank her ass as she walks around on her hands and knees. Nadia rides her her around a bit before making her play fetch with the dildo. 

All of a sudden Nadia and Keri become silent. A blank look on their faces as they stand, arms stretched out before them.

"Finally." Cali says as she drops the facade. "Apparently the full version takes longer to load since it's permanent. I'm in charge now, got it."

"Yes Mistress Cali." they reply. Cali commands Nadia to give Keri a sexy striptease. She removes her top and pants, leaving her in a silky blue bra and blue lace thong. She tells Keri to spank her ass as she wiggles it in front of her. Cali joins her, spanking her with a riding crop. Cali then commands them to switch places, making Keri do the same. Cali commands them to get on all fours and crawl around the room, wiggling their asses as they go. 

"These outfits just won't do." Cali commands them to change. They return wearing even skimpier french maid outfits. She places collars on both of them, adding long ropes for leashes, walking them around like dogs.

"Ladies, what are we gonna do with you? I think you need everything you gave to me, and MORE!" Cali commands them to bow and kiss her feet.

Satisfied, Cali commands them to give her a massage, Keri rubbing her shoulders and Nadia kneeling before her, rubbing her feet.

This clip runs 32 minutes long and includes female training, magic control, spanking, forced stripping, strip tease, bra and panties. The 1080hd format can be found in FEMME FACTORY under the Female Training Category. 

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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