Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Long Interrogation with Ayla Asel

Ultragirl takes a seat on the couch as she talks on the phone to the Mayor. "It's done. Mr. Mayor you have nothing to worry about. I took care of the witness. They're tucked away safely in a house and I'm the only person with the address. There's no way anybody is gonna get the witness. We're taking this mob boss down! The whole family. Don't worry, I got this." She lets out a sigh of contentment as she hangs up the phone. 

Just then, Ayla stands up from behind the couch and injects Ultragirl. Sending her off to dreamland.

Ultragirl wakes up to find that she is shackled by her wrists and ankles, unable to free herself. 

"Do you like my little dungeon?" asks Ayla. "It's a kryptonite dungeon I built just for you. I plan on keeping you here until you tell me where the witness is." 

"You fiend! I will never tell you where the witness is." says Ultragirl.

"You think that now huh?" says Ayla as she punches her in the belly. 

Ultragirl lets out a groan, "That shouldn't hurt." 

"It's a kryptonite dungeon. You're not as strong as you think in here." 

Ayla eagerly begins her painful interrogation, punching, slapping, twisting her now very sensitive nipples and abusing her crotch. 

"You ready to talk?"  Ultragirl refuses. "I knew you weren't going to break that easily." Ayla walks over to a stool with various implements and picks up a piece of cloth. "Open wide." she says, stuffing it in her mouth and tape gagging her. 

"Oh by the way, these pads are going to send electric shocks through your body all night long. And these headphones are going to play a screech."  Ayla blindfolds her before placing the headphones over her ears. 

Ayla marks the first day on the wall, turns the equipment on and leaves. Ultragirl struggles in vain for days and days. 

This clip runs 15 minutes long and includes interrogation, belly punches, bondage, crotch abuse, tapegagged. The 1080hd format can be found in POWER AND PERIL under the Superheroines Category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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