Monday, April 23, 2018

I Aint Afraid of No Ghost!




The host, Lauren Baysteen, stands just inside the entrance of a notoriously haunted house. It's only a few seconds in before things start to go wrong.

Lauren finishes introducing herself, then grasps her head in pain, a massive headache coming out of nowhere. She shakes it off and continues.

"I'm going to use this device to check for paranormal activity." She starts scanning and immediately, the device indicates that there's something nearby. "Let's go see what we find."

She follows the signal but when she gets to the spot the device stops working. She retraces her steps and checks the device again.

"It is getting chilly in here." she says, unaware that her jacket has disappeared. "I know we're onto something." The device starts up again, pointing west.

As she walks around the living room she spots something strange on the coffee table. She picks it up and is surprised to find that it's her sweater, covered in a strange green goo. She then shocked to find that her tank top has been pulled down, exposing her bra. "There's certainly something going on here and it's messing with me BIG TIME." and as she adjusts her top, some invisible force unzips her pants.

She takes a closer look at her sweater. "I think this is ectoplasm. You see how it's really thick and sticky?" she explains, talking to her viewers. "If this room is this haunted, I bet this whole house has alot to tell." and continues exploring, her pants getting lower and lower till they finally disappear.

"Maybe it's just a playful ghost." she says to herself as the invisible entity slowly removes her top. "It's probably just toying with me."

"Come out come out wherever you are." then gasps as she sees something hanging from the ceiling, covered in more of the green goo. She looks closer, sees that its her tank top and is then shocked to discover she's in her bra and panties. Embarrassed she decides to put the tank top back on even though its covered in goo. As she reaches for it, she's suddenly hit by something. She looks down to find that her bra is gone and her breasts are covered in the thick, sticky green goo. She grabs her top and tries to wipe off her chest.

She decides it's best to leave but her sneakers have suddenly froze to the floor. Her undies then disappear as she wiggles herself free. She walks into the kitchen, now completely nude except for her socks, searching for her car keys which she left in her jacket.

"Oh my god! I've been naked this whole time and you didn't even mention it?!" she continues to yell at the cameraman. She then spots her jacket conveniently left by the front door and her underwear draped over the doorknob, dripping with ectoplasm.

And just before leaving she sees that the ghost has left her a little love note. It reads "I hope you had fun. Come back anytime."

The footage then cuts to Lauren soaking in her bathtub.

"What an unbelievable day. Just glad nobody is ever gonna see that footage. How humiliating." She closes her eyes as she sinks under the water. When she opens them again her bra is lays across her belly and the water has turned green, thick from the ectoplasm. "No, it can't be. It followed me home." she says just before the footage ends.

This clip runs 13 minutes long and includes embarrassed naked female, magic control, bra & panties, embarrassment, nudity/naked, humiliation. The 1080hd format can be found in EMBARRASSED BABES under the Embarrassed  Naked Female Category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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