Sunday, April 15, 2018

Cut Down To Size with Cadence Lux & Maci Wilde

Cadence is a mean girl bitch who is always running her mouth trashing her rival Maci. Of course, the phony Cadence knows Maci would beat the shit out of her so Cadence does everything she can to avoid coming face-to-face with Maci. But somehow- no explanation or logic needed- Maci has managed to book a real life no-rules fight against Cadence without Cadence knowing it. Today, Cadence is at Cali’s studio for what she thinks is just a regular modeling shoot.

Cadence talks on the phone trashing Maci, sounding like a complete bitch as she waits for the shoot to start. Cadence mentions how Maci would kick her ass if they ever did fight, but Cadence boasts and says she is too smart to ever get booked into fight against Maci.
Maci enters as Cadence is trashing her on the phone, but Cadence doesn’t notice until Maci is standing up in Cadence’s face. Cadence is scared shitless and Maci runs down Cadence and backs her up until she is pinned against the wall. Maci places her hand around Cadence’s throat in a threatening/menacing way but without applying pressure. Maci reveals they are booked together in a real fight as Cadence, eyes wide with fear, breathes heavily. Maci backs off to prepare for the shoot as the camera lingers on a scared Cadence for a few moments before cutting to the next scene where the girls are preparing to arm-wrestle.

Best 4/7: While this starts with a scared Cadence and super confident Maci- the tables are turned as Cadence shockingly wins 4-0. Cadence wins progressively in more dominant fashion, winning the last round by slamming Maci’s hand. Maci is utterly humiliated and a surprised Cadence gloats, shocked and elated.

Maci starts super aggressive and the girls tear into each other. Hairpulling, slapping, kicking, etc…two girls who hate each other’s guts fighting as hard as they can.
The first few minutes are back and forth but even before Cadence takes over, Maci never gets the advantage.
After a couple of minutes, Cadence takes Maci to the mats, traps Maci in a submission hold and Maci pathetically submits. Cadence proceeds to get more and more dominant and soon this is an all-out ass kicking.
On their feet, Cadence knocks the shit out of Maci with some nice slaps, belly punches and pulls Maci around by her hair.
On the ground, Cadence uses sexy submission holds to dominate her opponent: leg scissors, breast smothers, face-sitting. Cadence makes Maci submit at will. Maci’s efforts get worse and worse until she is out right back-peddling, cowering, completely scared of Cadence.

A scared Maci pleads with Cadence to stop the fight and Cadence tells Maci to get on her hands and knees and beg her to stop. Maci does, but the mean girl bitch Cadence is not content and she demands Maci call her GODDESS CADENCE. She proceeds to knock Maci out with a face-sit. Cadence stands over Maci, placing a foot on her chest, and mocks Maci.

Cadence wakes Maci up and orders her to get on her hands and knees beneath her. Cadence makes Maci look at the camera and tell everyone who the better woman is and who kicked who’s ass. Not only does Maci obey submissively, she continues to call Cadence “Goddess Cadence”.
Cadence then makes Maci kiss her feet. Once done, Cadence pulls Maci up by her hair and pretends like she is going to let Maci leave. But instead, Cadence punches Maci in the face knocking her out.
Cadence – looking dominant - places her foot on Maci’s chest, hands on hips, laughing and mocking Maci.

This clip runs 20 minutes long and includes female fighting, cat fighting, Hairpulling, face slapping, kicking, armwrestling, belly punches, leg scissors, breast smothers, face-sitting. The 1080hd format can be found in FIGHT CLUB under the Female Fighting Category. 

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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