Saturday, April 7, 2018

Black Magic Foot Spell with Nikki Brookes

Cali Logan pretends to be a legit tarot card reader in order to lure unsuspecting fools into her trap.

The video begins in a beautifully decorated living room. Cali sits on a black velvet couch behind an intricately carved coffee table. She's wearing a white button up blouse under a navy blazer with matching skirt, nude pantyhose and black high heel pumps. 

She poorly shuffles a deck of tarot cards as her customer, Nikki, walks in to the room. She's dressed in a sheer, dark button up blouse that's tucked into a high-waisted, bright red skirt, nude pantyhose and nude high heels.  

"So you're here for a tarot reading?" asks Cali as they both take a seat on the couch. "This is my first one so I'm really nervous." replies Nikki.

"Well you're quite lovely I must say" says Cali. "Let me look at your feet." Nikki rests her foot on the table. Grinning, Cali runs a finger up and down her leg. "You and I have something in common I see." Nikki then notices Cali's stockings and is very impressed by the quality. "Oh wow! They're gorgeous! I couldn't even tell you had them on. Completely sheer, I like it."

"I like it when my clients have good taste." says Cali. "We might as well get started." She begins placing the cards down one by one."I see some interesting things." As she starts to interpret the cards she casually rests her legs on the edge of the table. She picks up the top card and holds it in front of Nikki's face. "You see this one? I want you to look at it really closely. Do you feel anything?"

"Just.....Feels....Nice...." says Nikki(now completely under Cali's control). "Those are some really nice shoes." Cali places her legs in front of her. "Genuine leather. I bet you only buy the best." 

"Well if you want to continue with your reading, why don't you slip them off and see whats underneath." says Cali, raising her legs higher. Nikki obeys, removing her shoes. "Oh, wow! I absolutely love those cherry red toes. I bet they smell divine." Nikki gets closer and inhales deeply. 

Fully aroused, she begins to kiss, lick and suck on the silky soft feet. She gags as she wraps her ruby red lips around her toes. "They taste so good."

"That they do." says Cali. "And the more you indulge, the more my hypnotic feet will control you."

"Yes Mistress Logan. Anything to please your feet." Nikki is absolutely mesmerized, as she continues to worship her mistresses feet. Eventually getting on her hands and knees. 

"Now my little foot fiend. Look deep into my soles and repeat after me."

"Mistress Cali, I am your foot slave now and forever. I will never try to break your hypnotic power over me." 

Satisfied, Cali gives her strict instructions before snapping her out of the hypnotic trance and sends her on her way. 

This clip runs 16 minutes long and includes foot worship, pantyhose, stockings, toe sucking, magic control, foot smelling and sole licking. The 1080hd format can be found in FEMME FACTORY under the Foot Worship Category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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