Sunday, April 22, 2018

Batgirl Vs The Baker Part 2 - The breakdown with Lydia Lael

In the 2nd installment of this 3-part superheroine parody...

Batgirl is sitting in the corner, her cape draped over her head. She moans as she begins to wake up. 

"Harley!" she yells as the cape falls to the ground. "What have you done to me Harley?!"

She stands up, showing off the new outfit that Harley has left her in. 

Her cowl, still covered in flour, sits lopsided on top of her head, covering her eyes. A black leash dangles from the dog collar around her neck. Her nipples poke through the long sleeve, neon pink, fishnet crop top, still wearing her Batgirl gloves. Her arms are locked in place with stainless steel elbow restraints. Her utility belt is still around her waist but under that, is the matching neon pink fishnet skirt, hiked all the way up, showing off the purple crotchless panties underneath, purple fishnet thigh highs and her own Batgirl boots. 

Completely awake and blind as a bat, she stumbles around before smacking her head, face first, into a wall. "I know you're here somewhere!" says Batgirl, as Harley sneaks into the room, a giant mallet in one hand. She looks directly into the camera, placing a finger in front of her mouth, telling us to be quiet. 

"I'm right here!" Harley yells as she gives her a good whack on the back with her mallet forcing Batgirl to arch her back, leaving her belly open for the next big whack that sends her flying backwards, hitting the wall with a loud "Thud".

"Aww c'mon Batgirl, You're not gonna try to fight me?" 

"Why don't you fight me fair and square Harley." 

"Y'know, let me WEIGH those options." says Harley as she drops an actual weight on her foot. 

Batgirl in pain, hops around on one foot. "I was debating it but y'know the thoughts were kinda HEAVY." Dropping the weight on her other foot. 

"C'mere Batgirl" Harley wraps her arm around her neck as Batgirl struggles against her. "You're pretty well restrained right now. If you don't stop making noise, I'll have to stop you myself." Harley places a hand over her nose and mouth.

"Now she's all delirious. Y'know Batgirl, you really are an uptight bitch. I went through all this work to get you dressed up for the Batman, and look how you behave! Such a shame. Although I will say this does look nice." Harley says, fondling her breasts. 

"I'm allowed to have some fun before I gotta turn you in and trade for my Puddin! I love these open crotch panties." Harley begins stroking her. A soft moan coming out of Batgirls mouth. "Well those ARE different sounds."Harley says with a devilish grin. Batgirl demands that she stop and fight.

 "Oh you really wanna fight, huh? Harley grabs the leash attached to the collar around Batgirls throat and picks up her mallet. Harley yanks her around before smashing her a few times. Batgirl falls to her knees, and with one more thwack, her head meets the cold, hard floor, her ass sticking up in the air. 

Harley places her feet to either side of Batgirls head and raises her mallet in excitement to play "Wack A Bat!"

"Your not even fully dressed. I forgot all about your cape. Lets see...It goes on THIS WAY!" Harley hooks the cape around her neck, and pulls, jamming a foot into her back. "I love to play with you Batgirl. I could do this All Day! Now get up, we're not done dancing. We have to get really, really close." she says, giving her toy a few bearhugs. 
"Still feeling oh so uptight. You might as we be UP tight!" giving her a wedgie, forcing her to prance around. 

"Y'know I could be having WAY more fun with THIS! Lets give our viewers a nice good shot!" She puts Batgirl in front of the camera and gets creative with BOTH ends of her mallet. 

"I'm gonna get you something sweet." she says, unwrapping a frozen green popsicle. She rubs it over every inch of  Batgirls body before the video goes black.

When the video starts again, Batgirl is cuffed to the tower. A table has been placed near her with various items. Harley enters, wearing Batgirls cape and wakes her up. 

After gagging her, Harley reveals that the outfit she dressed her in is completely electric, shocking her a few times. Harley proceeds to work her way through all the items laid out on the table. Various nipple clamps, a large feather, riding crop. 

After a few minutes, Harley reveals that the outfit actually has 2 settings and switches is to orgasm mode. 

Harley helps her cum repeatedly before she heads off to dreamland and the video again goes black.

In the final scene, Batgirl is face down with her ass in the air, locked in a Full Body Bondage Stock. Harley lights a birthday candle that's been placed snuggly between her butt cheeks. Batgirl wakes up as the candle is plucked. 

"I made this lovely dessert for you. Don't you want a bite of this pie?" Harley asks, spanking her with a riding crop. Batgirl refuses, continuing to struggle. 

"If you wont eat the pie, then I'll have to keep having fun my own way!" lighting a candle. "Do you know a little game called Hot and Cold?" Harley asks. She then proceeds to pour ice cold water and hot wax over her skin. 

Batgirl still refuses to eat the pie.

"I swear Batgirl, you make me so ANGRY!" she says, yelling through clenched teeth. Harley begins smashing glass over Batgirls head, scattering the shards into the pie. She then smooshes her face into it and smashes a glass bottle on her head, making Batgirl go "NIGHT, NIGHT!"

This clip runs 41 minutes long and includes superheroines, cosplay, humor, hand over mouth, bearhug, wedgies, wet & messy. The 1080hd format can be found in POWER AND PERIL under the Superheroines Category. 

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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