Friday, March 30, 2018

The Bitch Came Back with Sarah Brooke

"Who the fuck are you?!" Cali Logan demands. Sarah Brooke says "welcome to retraining, and I'll ask the questions here", before soccer kicking Cali in the stomach. Cali groans in pain as she rolls around to her other side while also struggling against her bonds as SB leers over her. SB says "Let's get you set up right" before kicking Cali across the face, knocking her out and onto her other side.

SB walks up to Cali who is still only wearing the black thong as she hangs from her wrists which are tied together tightly above her head, highlighting her ribs/abs. Cali's body, which is moist from sweat, spins around slowly as she hangs by her wrists, her mouth slightly open. SB approaches and slaps Cali's face to wake her up.

Cali awakens startled. "I hear you've been a bad sex slave, not satisfying our customers" SB says as she pulls Cali's head back by the hair, SBs face leering over Cali's face that is looking up as she grimaces. "Well, we can't be having that" SB says. Cali snidely retorts "jealous you didn't make the cut?", which incenses SB before she lets Cali's hair go and slugs her in the stomach. Cali cries "ungh!" and reels from the punch and coughs and wheezes as she tries to catch her breath. SB approaches Cali and grabs her chin, saying "so this is the sassy cunt I've been hearing about. Before we sent you to the white slavers we didn't want to mess up that pretty face...but this retraining means you're out of circulation for a while so..." 

SB then backhand slaps Cali across the face, sending Cali spinning halfway around from the impact which gives us a view of her thonged ass. Cali's body returns facing forward and we now see she has a slight trickle of blood from the side of her lip. Cali murmurs "bitch, I'm gonna kill you". "Bitch?!" SB says as she chokes Cali with her left hand, and fondles Cali's ass and tits with her right hand, saying "see, if you were a good sex slave, you could have it pretty good. But now you're here with me", before she slugs Cali again in the stomach, then punches her across her face. Cali's body again does a halfway spin from the impact so that we see her ass again. 

SB starts going off screen laughing "Ha, really? I know they tried a taser on you before but, why don't we try the retraining version if I'm not enough for you". Cali's eyes widen as she sees SB approaching with jumper cables. "Ready for a little pick me up?" SB says. Cali nervously starts looking away, writhing away in her bonds as she imagines the impending pain. SB crouches in front of Cali and applies the jumper cables to Cali's abs, causing Cali to grit her teeth and convulse in pain with her head back, boobs bouncing. Cali is almost hyperventilating when SB takes the jumper cables off, laughing devilishly. SB then electrocutes Cali's nipples. SB laughs as Cali writhes and convulses in pain again. Cali continues to almost hyperventilate after the 2nd shock as SB threatens again, this time electrocuting Cali's inner thighs as Cali grits her teeth, moaning in pain. As this third shock continues, Cali's wrist-ropes snap and she is free. A surprised SB drops the cables and says "wha..?" before Agent Cali knees SB in the face, punching her out.

We now see the tables are turned as Cali is wearing SB's black tank top and pants outfit, and SB is strung up tightly by the wrists  wearing only a thong, her unconscious face facing down with her abs/ribs protruding, her skin moist. "Wake up" Cali says as she backhand slaps SB across the face to wake her up. Now Cali approaches and pulls SB's head back by the hair "how do I get out of here?". SB says "fuck you bitch!". Cali slugs SB in the stomach telling her "Tell me now you cunt, because you know I hit harder than you". SB, catching her breath, says "never". A disgusted Cali says "I have no time for this" as she reaches down to grab the jumper cables, then applies them to SB's nipples, making her scream in pain. "ok, ok! the keys are under the plank by the door." Cali snickers, throwing down the jumper cables, and says "didn't think you could take as much as you dished out" before

This clip runs 12 minutes long and includes bondage, interrogation, belly punching, electric play. The 1080hd format can be found in BONDAGE BOUTIQUE under the Bondage Category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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