Tuesday, February 6, 2018

A Revealing Interview

Cali Logan has FINALLY landed an interview after weeks of submitting her resume. She is dressed in her most professional suit ready to win the job! 

She checks in with Veronica at the front desk who walks off to let the boss know her appointment is here. Cali is shocked to see that the secretary saunters away without any pants or skirt to cover her butt! Maybe shes imagining things? Nerves can make people a little crazy....

Veronica comes back- ass still out for all to see and not a care in the world about it- to let Cali know Hannah is ready for her. Cali politely thanks Veronica and heads on to her interview. 

The ladies shake hands and Cali briefly mentions Veronica's bare bottom. Hannah addresses the issue, calling Veronica in without really looking at her and tells Cali that she agrees- her skirt is much too short. She then sends Veronica off and the interview begins. 

As Hannah grills Cali about her technical experience in the field, strange things begin to happen. Hannah's clothes seem to be disappearing right before Cali's eyes! And anytime Cali tries to address the issue, Hannah mixes up her words and the conversation reverts to work stuff. Its like Hannah is completely oblivious that her boob fell out of her shirt and her skirt just slipped right onto the ground!

Cali really needs this job and tries to keep her cool. Does her best to focus on the questions being asked and not the woman before her becoming more and more naked. Veronica comes back in occasionally, and she too is losing more clothing by the moment. 

Finally Cali stands up and decides that she has to say something. This is just shameful and quite frankly, she is embarrassed for the entire office building. Little does she know that her skirt has malfunctioned and she is lecturing the girls for their nudity with her butt in the breeze. 

Hannah and Veronica look at her very confused and she really loses her temper, ripping all of her clothing off with out even realizing she is doing it during her passionate rant. She graciously declines the job and storms off. Hannah and Veronica think she is crazy...that is until they look down and realize that the are in fact naked as the day they were born. They search around for their clothes in disbelief, trying to use paperwork to cover their naughty bits. 

When Cali gets to the door, its locked. She calls for help and tries desperately to get it open before strange things begin happening to her too...and then she looks down...its too late!! Her clothes are missing! Poor Cali is frantic, humiliated and does not know what to do. 

This clip runs 9 minutes long and the 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Embarrassed Babes store under the Embarrassed Nude Female Category. 

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form on my CalisCustoms website***

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