Wednesday, December 6, 2017

RAGE! Sexual Boxing Domination

A Play-by-Play of how this match panned out...
  • Ding ding 
  • They circle each other 
  • Keri pops Cali with jabs 
  • They circle each other once more 
  • Cali: That's all you got B***h, it's weak give me something 
  • Keri with more jabbing combinations on Cali, snapping Cali's head back consistently 
  • Cali retaliates with her own jabbing combinations 
  • Keri feelings the blows a little bit more goes back to jabbing Cali 
  • Cali: I love this s**t 
  • Cali retaliates by giving Keri jabbing combinations again 
  • Keri gets angry, and keeps jabbing without pausing 
  • Cali's head is just snapping to every jab as Keri is putting forth combinations 
  • Keri continues with her onslaught of jabs as Cali's head is being snapped, but Cali remains in her boxing stance 
  • Keri tries to hook Cali a couple times and which Cali dodges both of them 
  • Cali is consistently snapping Keri's head back with jabbing combinations 
  • Cali: Put your guard up B***h 
  • Keri will literally put her guard up but there will be room between her guard as Cali jabs through Keri's guard 
  • Keri's guard is up but her head is consistently being snapped back while her guard is up 
  • Keri swings with a hook and Cali ducks again 
  • Cali comes up with hooking animations on Keri now, from left to right 
  • Eventually, Cali will say 
  • Cali: C'mon, f**k me up or is this your best B***h 
  • Keri then begins to jab Cali little bit by little bit until Keri gets comfortable 
  • Cali is liking it even though Keri is turning up the pace 
  • Eventually, Keri is on an onslaught of jabbing combinations on Cali 
  • Just when Keri thinks she may have a chance, Cali comes back with hitting Keri over and over with her right jab 
  • Cali then grabs Keri's shoulder to her Keri in place with one hand and keeps jabbing Keri with the other 
  • Cali eventually steps back and continues giving Keri jabbing combinations 
  • Cali then hooks Keri and it knocks Keri off-balance to her knees 
  • Cali takes off her glove and caresses Keri from under, on Keri's backside 
  • Keri will try to crawl away as Cali continues to caress 
  • Eventually, it'll stop Keri from crawling as the caress is too much for Keri 
  • Cali grabs her hair and ask: You like it Keri...? 
  • Keri just moans out of humiliation 
  • Cali pulls Keri's hair to stand Keri up and Keri attempts to back swing on Cali 
  • Cali ducks the back swing, and brings Keri closer to her like a hug 
  • Cali caresses Keri's clitoris as Keri attempts to stick her back/butt out to keep away from Cali's caressing fingers but Cali gets her way with Keri as Keri can only run into place as her clit gets caressed 
  • Keri climaxes eventually, as Cali is looking her in the eyes, next time, you'll do as I say 
  • As Keri falls on Cali from exhaustion 
  • In the camera comes around to film an unconscious Keri... 

This 15 minute clip includes topless boxing, forced orgasm, female fighting. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Boxing" category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at ***

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