Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thread or Shred?

Welcome to another episode of Cali Logan's "Thread or Shred" coming to you LIVE from the Utube studios in Hollywood! Today we have a special guest, Miss Liz Ashley, who is interested in becoming one of my esteemed interns. Of course, all she has to do to be come a part of this ever-so-popular webcast is prove herself worthy.

Unfortunately for Liz, things go south from the start. Cali immediately starts berating her for the oufit she has worn on set. Shabby at best! She grabs a pair of scissor and gets to work making the best of the frumpy attire Liz showed up in.

Though she is totally embarrassed, Liz tries to keep her cool about the situation. She JUST graduated from fashion design school and this would be an amazing credential to add to her resume. '

Things really get uncomfortable when bitchy Cali starts cutting away at the fabric holding her clothes on. Liz tries to cover up with her hands and focus on what Cali is talking about, but she is becoming more and more exposed...thousands of people tune in each week and she doesnt know what to do!

Eventually, Cali strips Liz out of all but her heels and makes a real example out of her. Now that Liz is completely naked and humiliated, she is free to go- which means she will walk home nude of course!

This 11 minute clip includes enf, embarrassed, forced stripping, embarrassed naked female, nudity. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Embarrassed Babes store under the "Clothing Destruction" category.

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