Monday, November 20, 2017

Bakery Blunders: Part 1- Tasty Treat

In the 1st installment of this 3-part superheroine parody...

The city of Gotham is preparing for a very special celebration. Batman is going to have a big birthday bash and the Baker has invited Batgirl to come help with the final touches on the cake. When Batgirl arrives, she sees a beautiful display with a camera set up in front. She thinks this is odd but doesn’t question anything… Yet…

Tha Baker has Batgirl position some figurines into the cake just right. Then she asks Batgirl to pose for a photo with the cake just in case something happens during transportation and the figurines get moved. A big flash and Bagirl turns into a statue; completely frozen in place! While she’s out, the Baker take some glue in the sticks her hand to the table. Went Batgirl comes to she realizes that she is stuck and the Bakker bonks her on the head with a full bag of flour, sending back girls face straight into the cake!

Batgirl now knows that this is no baker. Harley Quinn reveals herself and her ill intentions. Thw Baker is completely stuck and can’t do anything about her situation. HQ takes full advantage of this by thumping on her on the head several more times and tying our hands behind her back. She even assaults Batgirl with her giant dildo. Having a blast, HQ humiliates the messy heroine before getting her a big blow to the head and taking her over to the next torture station. 

When Batgirl next awakes, she sees that she has been strung up to a door frame with the breasts cut out of her costume and nipple clamps applied. She is completely exposed and humiliated! Adding to the insult, she goes to speak and realizes her mouth is full of age penis pump gag. She tries to catch her breath and finds there is something on her nose. She looks down cross eyed and sees that she looks just like Pinocchio. It smells funny too. She begins to feel woozy and strange.

HQ is excited that her serum is starting to take affect! With Batgirl completely helpless, she uses her victim like a punching bag. Occasionally, she stops the beating for some sexual humiliation reminding Batgirl every step of the way that Gotham is watching and eagerly awaits the next episode!

This 30 minute clip includes cosplay, humiliation, wam, wet and messy, bondage, enf, embarrassment, domination, gags, nipple clamps, aoh, forced nudity. The 1080 HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril under the SUPERHEROINE  category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at ***

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