Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Take it Like a Bitch Both Ways

Youve shown up to a session with Misty and Hannah who know that you secretly want to experiment with your sexuality. They taunt and tease you with a big dildo, talking about how you would love to stroke, suck and be penetrated by it. You begin to admit that this is true and they help you live out your fantasy, inviting you to suck the huge cock. 

The girls can see how excited you're getting and take it up a notch.  Hannah reaches into the drawer and pulls out a rubber fist as you fantasize about it being slid right into your tight asshole. You look so eager that Hannah tells you to crawl up on the bed and assume the position. She then lube up the fist and puts on a latex glove. Then she slowly gets behind you and begins to stretch you.

Misty wants to join in the fun and tells you to such her giant dick while youre being pegged from behind. You look away from time to time to see the expression of enjoyment on Hannah's face as she pushes the fist in deeper. 

With a throat full of cock, you can't take any more and cum everywhere. Another satisfied customer!

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