Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Proposal Gone Wrong

Terra has come by to help you prepare for a romantic evening with your girlfriend Cali, in which you plan to propose. The ring is placed in a glass of champagne and you go off to get a few more items for the night. 

Cali comes home unexpectedly and sees Terra sitting at the table. She tells Terra that she thinks thinks you are up to something and is really excited that its going to be a big surprise. She notices the two glasses of champagne and tells Terra she thinks there’s something in her‘s. Terra panics and swallows all of the champagne, including the ring. 

Cali thinks her behavior is weird, but goes off to finish her errands anyway. 

You return to see Terra attempting the cough the ring up. She is unable to do so, and you come up with an idea. You explain this idea of a fetish called vore and how it works. She is skeptical, but doesnt see many other optins and gives it a try. Sure enough, she swallows you whole and you’re swimming around inside of her stomach looking for the ring. She finds the whole situation interesting and really enjoys having a big giant belly. 

Cali returns and sees Terra still here. She begins to feel suspicious and notices Terra‘s big belly. She questions Terra who once again panics and says, "Surprise, I’m pregnant." Cali is really confused and begins to put what she thinks is two and two together. She accuses Terra and her boyfriend of having an affair and gets very angry, assuming the baby is his. 

She then tells Terra that her boyfriend told her about this fetish called vore and she’s going to teach her all about it. She opens her mouth wide and swallows Terrell whole, never realizing she also swallowed her boyfriend and engagement ring!

This clip runs 10 minutes and can be found in 1080hd at Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies Store.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at CalisCustoms.com ***

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