Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Mesmerize Models: Terra & Keri

Cali is at it again... Today she is invited Keri over for another session. She informs Keri that she's going to take over her mind and sexually have her way with her. Keri laughs it off until Cali says "be a good girl"... Keri's trigger phrase. This snaps Keri right back into the trance that Cali placed over her previously. 

She then deepens her hold over Keri by having her strip to underwear and applying a vibrator over her vagina. When she cum she's even more Mindless and willing to submit to Cali's desires. Cali asks carry who they should Mesmerize next, and she chooses Terra Mizu. Cali is more than excited for this opportunity and tells Keri to call Terra immediately. 

Fast forward to later in the day and the three girls are chatting about what kind of shoot they will do. Cali explains that she is going to knock them out over and over, force them to cum repeatedly, then mesmerized them to become her permanent slaves. Again nobody believe that Cali is going to do this but both girls begin to feel very woozy. Of course it is the water:  Cali spiked both of their bottles! 

The girls stumble and try to leave, but the serum is too strong and they fall to the floor. Cali takes his opportunity to remove their outer clothing. When they wake up they once again try to leave but are met with yet another K0 trap. This repeats itself until they are left with nothing but underwear and headaches. The girls awake a final time to find that they have been bound at the ankles and wrists. Cali then ataches vibrators to their bodies and leaves them to enudure orgasm after orgasm. 

Finally, thinks the girls are broken and ready for their permanent training. Cali grabs her pendulum and the girls helplessly watching swings back and forth in front of their eyes. They try to look away but it is useless. They end up falling right into Cali's spell, chanting along with her on their knees in complete submission. 

This clip runs 26 minutes and includes women following orders, mesmerized, mind fuck, multiple forced orgasm, magic control, limp play, eye rolling. The 1080 HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the FEMALE TRAINING category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at ***

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