Friday, August 18, 2017

Clothing Destruction 5-in1 Bundle

1. Destroying Lexi

Cali has had enough of her lazy roommate Lexi. When she comes home to see the slob sleeping on the couch, she decides to play a little prank.

Cali grabs a bag of school supplies and gets to work writing all over Lexi's expensive white top and brand new jeans. When Lexi wakes up she is pissed at Cali, who shows no mercy. Grabbing a pair of scissors, Cali begins to completely destroy Lexi's outfit.

Cali really, really wants to fit in with your group. So much that she sits down to play a game of truth or dare with you. Despite the fact that she is super shy and conservative, you convince her to choose DARE and the dare is to destroy the clothes she is wearing.

She blushes at the idea of being completely naked in front of everyone, but since she believes that the boy she likes will be impressed by the action, she goes for it! Ripping, shredding and cutting her clothes into tiny pieces.

She is absolutely humiliated when she finds out that the whole thing was a big joke to embarrass her! Poor Cali....

3. Cali's Most Embarrassing Moment 

Carissa has always confided in Cali, telling her secrets that no one else was ever meant to know. Recently, Carissa found out that Cali has been sharing all the details with their group of friends, and she is absolutely mortified about it.

To get back at Cali, sets up a camera and shreds her clothes right off of her body for all of their friends to see. Shy, conservative Cali protests and is utterly humiliated as Carissa destroys every ounce of clothing she is wearing, leaving her completely nude. She has never felt so embarrassed in her entire life!

Cali has just come home from a costume contest and she is pissed that she lost to Keri. She is so upset that she begins to rip and tear at her Pirate costume until its nothing more than shreds of fabric littering her living room floor.

Cali and Hannah are both candidates for the same position at work, however, Hannah is suspected of trying to sleep her way up the ladder. Furious, Cali decides to show the office what a slut her co-worker really is.

She lures Hannah up to the attic, ties her arms over head and rips her clothing right off of her. The jeans and blazer are stubborn, so she needs the help of some scissors, but she gets the job done. Hannah is left bound with her shredded clothes dangling from her exposed body.

Satisfied with her handy work, Cali rushes back to the office to tell her co-workers that there are free donuts upstairs. What a surprise for everyone when all they find is a humiliated Hannah waiting for them!

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