Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beat 3 Ways - Keri got too Cocky

This fight is been a long time coming. Keri and Cali are finally going to meet on the mats and decide once and for all who the better wrestler is. Keri is so confident that she's going to Pummel the pussy little glamour model that she runs her mouth incessantly. Cali is not afraid of the veteran wrestler however. She has been practicing and is ready for this!

The action begins with the best out of 7 arm wrestling match. It's close, but Cali manages to win by one. Keri rolls rise and states that arm wrestling means nothing. "Let's take this to the mats."

 The rules are simple. The fight is to be timed at 10 minutes and include any type of submission holds or grappling. Cali easily dominates this forcing Keri to tap several times. When the time limit is up, Keri complains that Cali would have never won if it wasn't for her silly rules. Cali sees this challenge as an opportunity to really prove herself and proposes another match. No rules, anything goes. 

Keri is up for the challenge the two girls tangle up and once again Cali shows Keri that her skills are not to be overlooked. Once again, Cali manages to submit Keri. This time beating her at her own game. To rub it in, Cali forces Keri to look in the camera and state who the better wrestler is, then Just for Fun, forces Keri to kiss her filthy feat. Keri is left on the mats wondering how she could have possibly lost so terribly to a glamour model. 

This 32 minute clip includes female wrestling, grappling, catfight, arm wrestling. The 1080hd format can in found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Fighting" category.

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