Friday, July 28, 2017

Cruel and Unusual Interrogation

The scene fades and we see Terra Mizu tied up in a chair struggling with a cleave gag keeping her quiet. Cali Logan appears and proclaims that she has looted her EX-boyfriend's house and she gladly passes the reigns of putting up with his crap to the home-wrecking bitch. She has some fun fondling Terra tits then goes off to pawn all of his stuff. 

The next day, Cali goes back to work as though nothing happened. She was really excited that someone has called about one of her buildings for sale. Unfortunately, when the potential buyer arrives, it's none other than a very angry Terra Mizu. She has come for Revenge!

The next thing Cali knows is she is forced to strip to her underwear and tied to a chair around a post. No one can hear her cries for help with the huge ball of cloth stuffed in her mouth. Terra threatens her and begins to interrogator about where the money went. Cali states that she has no idea what Terra is talking about which simply makes her more Angry. Terra decides she is going to need more intense interrogation tactics to get the information out of Cali. 

Now zip tied at her ankles and wrists, Cali is kneeling in front of a bucket of water. Terra once again arrives and asks where the money is. Of course, Cali  has no idea what she is talking about and the waterboarding begins. This last several minutes until Terra's alarm goes off and she realizes that she needs to attend to some business. She brings Cali to a pole and ties her tightly to it for safekeeping.

Terra once again returns and throws Cali into another bondage position. This time she is tied to a table with her legs spread eagle and arms over head. Terra wets her down and gives her one last chance to tell her where the money is. Since Cali says she does not know, Terra produces the electric tazer and begins to shock Cali over and over again.

Cali pretends to knock out from this and Terra begins to untie her to move her limp body to the next location. This gives Cali the opportunity to grab the shocker and shove it into Terra's neck. She is stunned just enough for Cali to get zip ties around her wrists and run off to call the police.

This 29 minute clip includes damsel in distress, interrogation, water boarding, struggling, ropes, electroplay. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Bondage Boutique under the "Bondage" category.

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Beat 3 Ways - Keri got too Cocky

This fight is been a long time coming. Keri and Cali are finally going to meet on the mats and decide once and for all who the better wrestler is. Keri is so confident that she's going to Pummel the pussy little glamour model that she runs her mouth incessantly. Cali is not afraid of the veteran wrestler however. She has been practicing and is ready for this!

The action begins with the best out of 7 arm wrestling match. It's close, but Cali manages to win by one. Keri rolls rise and states that arm wrestling means nothing. "Let's take this to the mats."

 The rules are simple. The fight is to be timed at 10 minutes and include any type of submission holds or grappling. Cali easily dominates this forcing Keri to tap several times. When the time limit is up, Keri complains that Cali would have never won if it wasn't for her silly rules. Cali sees this challenge as an opportunity to really prove herself and proposes another match. No rules, anything goes. 

Keri is up for the challenge the two girls tangle up and once again Cali shows Keri that her skills are not to be overlooked. Once again, Cali manages to submit Keri. This time beating her at her own game. To rub it in, Cali forces Keri to look in the camera and state who the better wrestler is, then Just for Fun, forces Keri to kiss her filthy feat. Keri is left on the mats wondering how she could have possibly lost so terribly to a glamour model. 

This 32 minute clip includes female wrestling, grappling, catfight, arm wrestling. The 1080hd format can in found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Fighting" category.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Tight Squeeze

Cali Logan's peaceful afternoon nap is abruptly interrupted by her roommates Sahrye with a sensual squeeze. Cali wakes up gasping for air as Sahrye applies the hold even harder.

Cali begs to know why Sahrye is doing this, but is not met with any answers. Just more brutal body and neck scissors. Cali struggles between Sahryes strong thighs feeling every thread of her silky pantyhose. She is completely dominated by her roommate who is clearly enjoying this.

Finally Cali can take no more and is sent back to Dreamland.

This 16-minute clip includes scissorhold, female fighting, domination. The 1080 HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the pantyhose wrestling category. 

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Lost and Punished

It was a beautiful day in Cali and Jenn decided that they should head to the tennis courts for a game. Cali convinces Jenn that they should take a shortcut through the backyards. She's done it before and knows exactly where she is going. 

But once they hop into someone's backyard, Cali realizes she has no idea which way to go. Jenn is furious and decides that Cali needs to be taught a lesson. She swoops down and launches Cali over her shoulder carrying her around with her butt poking out of her tiny skirt. 

Jenn then slips the scirt up and procedes to spank her ass until it is bright red. She continues the punishment with several different positions of spanking and caring around the backyard until the owners of the home arrive and shoo them away.

This 20 minute clip includes ots, lift and carry, spankings, wedgies. The HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the SPANKING category

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Visiting Models Line Up

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Shoot with Jacquelyn Velvets!

Coming soon for 1 Day only! Cant wait to tangle up with this beauty again. Never a dull shoot with Jacquelyn Velvets on board!

She will be available with myself and possibly one other local model (requests/suggestions?) at my cool new shoot location. Perfect for wrestling, superheroine & bondage type stuff. 

Get those customs in by filling out the SUBMISSION FORM at

Hogtied Heaven: 4-in-1 Bondage Bundle

1. Hogtied Cheerleader Begs for More

Cali Logan is bored with the usual routine of cheer practice and asks her friend (silent POV) to tie her up. She starts with her wrists and ankles bound. Loving the way it feels to be helpless, she asks for more rope and a gag!

As she struggles around enjoying the ropes constricting her movement; she tries to talk through her red ball gag, continuing to ask for more until she is bound in a full hogtie.

When shes had enough, she signals to her friend that she would like to be released, but the friend just stands there and watches as she begins to panic a bit. Be careful what you wish for Cali, you just might get it!

Lea Hart and Sunshine are both in the running to become the next regular model for Cali Logan's Bondage Boutique. Cali will be broadcasting the entire session so her loyal fans can vote to decide who gets the last spot. The girls are dressed to be tied and start their interview with some questions about their favorite types of ties.

Cali likes what she hears and starts the best part of the audition...tying up these lovely ladies with a big pile of white ropes! She simultaneously figs the girls up from bottom to top. While they are being bound, they talk about how the ropes feel and other bondage experiences.

Once Cali has the girls ankles, knees, crotch, chest and wrists finished, she applies a big piece of microfoam tape across each girls mouth and instructs them to struggle for her and all of the fans watching the live feed. She ups the ante by putting them on the floor and zipping them up in a hogtie.

With the hopeful models now completely helpless, Cali throws them a curve ball. The broadcast is also hosting an auction. The fan with the highest bid will get to join the party and have his way with the bound cuties. Suddenly this fun bondage audition has turned the girls int fearful damsels. They struggle and Cali adds one more rope to bind them together, further ensuring neither is able to wiggle away.

She then leaves them to struggle while she heads off to run the auction.

Welcome to another episode of Cali Logan's Bondage Cam Show! Today our guest is the adorable Cadence Lux. We will be playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who will be getting all taped up today. Watch the episode to find out who wins, loses, and why we both end up totally taped in a hog tie!

This 16 minute clip includes bondage games, duct tape, sock gag, hog tie, struggling, hand over mouth.

Hannah Perez is nude and bound in chains on my bed with hand, ankle, toe and thumb cuffs. Watch her struggle as she tries to break free from the hog tie.

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Dominating Diana

On one of Diana Knights trips to the east coast, she agreed to meet up with me for a pro-style match. She thought that she would fly through the our fight without even breaking a sweat. After all, she was far more experienced than I, plus had a size advantage. 

Unfortunately for her, Id been practicing! She confidently gets me into a tight body scissor right off the bat, but once I escape she is met with my wrath. I tangle her up in all sorts of holds and pins. Grapevines, Lotus, Scissors, Sleepers, Bow and Arrow to name a bunch.

She is ultimately defeated! I gloat and force her to verbalize that I am, indeed, the better wrestler and make her kiss my shoes as I pose in victory.

This 11 minute clip includes female fighting, bikini wrestling, catsuits, pro style holds, converse sneakers, mat wrestling. The HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Wrestling" category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at ***

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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Hazing

Batgirl has been flagged down by College cheerleader Tilly McReese. Her friend has been chained up and desperately needs the help of a Superheroine. 

When Batgirl arrives to the house, she sees Paisley Prince handcuffed and shackled. She quickly reaches into her belt and pulls out some handcuff keys. Easy fix! 

As she releases the girl and as she goes on to question how this happened, Tilly pulls out a billy club and bonks Batgirl hard on the head. With the superheroine Dazed and Confused, the girls quickly take the chains and bind Batgirl up. 

Tilly and Paisley explain that it's nothing personal. They are rushing for the best sorority on campus and their final challenge was to capture a superheroine.

Of course, Batgirl is not amused and not about to go quietly. The girls realize they have no choice. They are going to have to deliver a Super Heroine Super Beat Down and make her submit to them. The girls really begin to enjoy dominating someone who is typically so powerful and things turn a bit sexual.

Batgirl is stripped out of the top half of her uniform where the girls are able to get at her breasts. They throw Batgirl into several compromising and embarrassing positions, taking plenty of photos along the way.

For their final maneuver, they both mount her face and grind their pussies over her mouth and nose until she can take no more. Each girl keeps part of Batgirl's uniform as memorabilia and they carry her out to the sorority house. They're definitely going to get it now!

This 19 minute clip includes forced stripping, humiliation, beatdown, smother, embarrassment, cheerleaders, domination, peril, cosplay. The 1080 hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril under the SUPERHEROINE category.

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