Monday, June 12, 2017

Wonders & Blunders

Its an exciting day for Cali Logan. She won a private meet & greet with her favorite superhero SUPERMAN!! When he arrives, she does her best to seduce him, but he resists the tempation, which makes her all kinds of irritated. She grabs a device a her scientist friend gave her and zaps him.

Much to her surprise, it works and Superman begins to shrink before her eyes. Perfect! Now she can keep him forever. Just as Cali grabs a container to store her new little friend in, she hears a car pull up. What on earth...why is the Batmobile outside?!

She snaps a lid on superman's container and grabs the shrinking device, then stomps outside to see what nosey old Batman wants. When Cali returns, she is holding the Bat and his mobile in her hands. She places him on the counter and searches for another container. 

Cali looks over to see Batman driving all about the table top and runs over to stop him. In the mist of the chaos and yelling, he accidentally slams on the gas and drives right into Cali's open mouth. With a big gulp. Cali swallows him and his little car whole. WOW! Getting rid of that little pest was easier than she thought. She giggles as she feels him driving around inside her stomach. 

Now it's time to figure out what to do with Superman. She goes over to the counter and realizes he is gone! Somehow he has knocked over his container onto the floor. As she reaches down to pick it up, she sees that the lid has been knocked off and here's something over head. Of course! Superman is flying around the room. She bats at him which knocks him off course, she's Scoops him into her mouth. He flies around inside banging against her cheeks and the roof of her mouth. 

She swallows hard but he is resilient and crawls up her throat. She gets an idea! She takes some of the Kryptonite she had saved up and Swallows it, weakening the tiny superhero until he ends up in her stomach with his friend. She enjoys feeling them struggle inside of her, attempting to escape her body. Then something happens.... 

Her stomach is suddenly huge! She realizes that the effects of the device are only temporary and Superman has grown back to the size of a full human. Then it Dawns on her that she is in real trouble. Eventually the same thing will happen with the Batmobile. She storms off to find her friend and get help ASAP!

This clip runs 13 minutes and includes pov shrinking, vore and can be found in the GIANTESS section of Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at ***

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