Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tongue Lashing the Loser

I knew you would be back for more. You just love the way I verbally humiliate you. I just love the way we both know it's so true. You are not worth we oxygen you breathe. And I'm always here to remind you of that.

I can see how much it turns you on as I call you names and belittle you to your face. It seems the more cruel I am, the harder you get. Why don't you show me just how much you appreciate my verbal domination. That's right I'll allow you to mess yourself in front of me. We'll get on with it already...

And seriously!? That's it?? Wow, what a little looser puddle. But what else should I expect from a loser like you anyway.

The 1080HD format of this clip can be found in Cali Logan's Dirty Girls under the "Humiliation" Category.

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