Tuesday, June 13, 2017

College Girls (not so) Secret Cam Show

Sorority girl Tilly McReese is on webcam with her boyfriend and they are celebrating their anniversary. He brings up that he'd still like to talk about the threesome he recommended a while back. She she replies that she still not comfortable bringing another girl into the bed, but she does have a big surprise for him.

She calls over her friend Paisley Prince and they explaine that they are ready to give him a very sexy show. The only stipulation is that he must promise never to tell anybody. It MUST remain a secret!

Of course, her boyfriend agrees and the show begins! Tilly turns on some sexy music and they began to strip each other down. He gives suggestions like spank her ask... play with her tits... They even kiss!

Tilly start to get suspicious because she thinks she hear something in the back room. She also think she's see somebody walk across the screen. He assures her that he was alone, but once the girls are completely nude, Tilly proclaims that she KOWS somebody is there and demands the lights be turned on.

He complies and sure enough the room is filled with his frat mates. The girls are mortified and try to cover up. Tilly says that she's breaking up with him for being such a jerk.

Her boyfriend, however has other plans. He admits that not only did he allow his friends to watch the show, he recorded it. If Tilly breaks up with him then he will broadcast the performance across the entire College. Paisley starts to turn on Tilly, blaming her for getting them into this mess.

The girls are humiliated and embarrassed while they try to cover themselves and beg for him to erase the file.

This 13 minute clip includes ENF, humiliation, embarrassment, public nudity, webcam, college girls. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan’s Embarrassed Babes under the “Embarrassed Naked Female” category.

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