Monday, June 5, 2017

Boxed, Bound and Beat Down

Just for fun, Cali challenged Constance to a boxing match during her visit to the east coast. To make things more interesting, it is decided that to win, one must strip and bind her opponent. 

The girls agree on the rules, touch gloves and go! Its fairly even at first, but quite obvious that Constance has no intentions of losing this fight. She lands several (real) punches to Cali's face, which begin to wear on her. Though she gets in several hard hits of her own, Cali is unable to over power Constance and ends up on the ground being stripped and tied up. 

Constance now treats herself to some hard earned fun and works on Calis face and stomach with her bare knuckles before leaving her with a hard kick to the face. That outta leave an impression!

This 13 minute clip includes female fighting, belly punching, boxing gloves. The 1080hd format can bd cound in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Boxing" category.

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