Saturday, June 10, 2017

4-in-1 Cunt Bust Compilation

1. Cunt Busting Bitches 

Cali and Hannah are constantly at each other's throats about scheduling for the mat room. They finally decide to do something about it and fight woman-to-woman. Before the match begins, Cali suggests a bit of "female protection" for the two of them.

The girls each slip into a jock strap, adjust and start the fight. They go back and forth kicking, punching, kneeing, slapping and grabbing each other in the pussy. Even through the jock straps, the blows REALLY hurt. Hannah and Cali take time between each bust to recover and gather up enough strength to deliver another.

Toward the end, Hannah starts to gain the upper hand, working Cali's sore cunt over until she cant take anymore. As a souvenir, she removes the cup from Cali's strap, then walks away to leave her writhing on the floor in pain. Runs 11 minutes

2. Bound and Busted

Carissa Montgomery ties up Cali Logan and gives her pussy the beating of a lifetime. She enjoys using her spiked high-heels to stomp and kick Cali cunt as she lies helplessly in agony. Runs 10 minutes

3. Poca the Pain Slut

Pocahontas Jones is your ever-grateful pain slut. She politely asks you to kick and punch her in the pussy over and over. Youre both turned on by her pain and the submissive look in her eye when she says, "Thank you sir, may I please have another?" Runs 8 minutes

4. Pussy Pounders

Ashley Wildcat has come to visit and she is ever-so-confident that she could beat Cali at any type of match. Wanting to crush her confidence, Cali challenges her to a Cunt Busting fight.

Seeing the whole thing as a joke, Ashley accepts the challenge, assuming that it cant possibly hurt to be hit in the pussy since girls dont have balls. Eager to prove her wrong, Cali hauls off with a swift knee to the crotch. So it begins! Cali dominates the beginning of the match with hard kicks, grabs, knees and stomps.

Finally, Ashley recovers enough to return some of the hits. Both girls end up going back and forth with their own low blows for some time, but its Cali who ends up victorious. She is, however, a rather compassionate winner and brings Ashley an ice pack to mend her swollen lady parts. Runs 21 minutes

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