Friday, May 5, 2017

Questioned and Carried

Delinquent student Hannah Perez has a study session with her chemistry teacher, Cali Logan who is fed up with Hannah's inability to pass exams. Today she brings in the most recent test and attempts to go over the material, but Hannah still is not getting it.

Frustrated, Cali picks Hannah up into a fireman's carry and walks around the room scolding her. From there, every time Hannah gets an answer incorrect, she is punished with another carry. Piggy back and shoulder rides galore.She even cradles her student declaring, "If youre going to act like a b a b y, Im going to treat you like one!"

At her wits end, Cali lifts Hannah up on to her shoulders and marches out of the house to parade her around the neighborhood.

This 15 minute Lift and Carry clip can be found in Cali Logan's Fight club. 

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