Friday, May 26, 2017

5-in-1 POV Peril Reel

1. The POV Beatdown of Batgirl (hd)

 Even a superheroine like Batgirl cant hide from your strength. Batgirl grows weaker and weaker with every punch and kick you deliver, until finally she can take no more. 

2.Wonder Cali's Despair

 Wonder Cali is inspecting the scene of a crime, when out of no where, you sneak in and give her the beat down of a lifetime. The weak heroine tries to fight back, but the inital blow threw her for a loop, and she is rendered powerless to your hard punches and kicks. She goes out a few times during the fight, which you use as an opportunity to weaken her even further, removing her cuffs, crown and boots. The poor Wonder Cali can do nothing as you drag her limp body away.

3. Wonder Wedgie (hd) 

Wonder Woman is in search of the notorious Wedgie Queeen. As she searches the premises for the villain, she is taken by surprise with a hard wedgie from behind. Then, Wonder Woman turns around to receive a hard blow to the head, sending her lala land. While she is out, the Wedgie Queen strips the superheroine of her belt and boots then works her magic.

Wonder Woman will wake up and have no control over her hand. She gives herself several front, back and double wedgies. She also uses her lasso, belt and even uniform to increase the severity of the wedgies. Finally, the pain is so intense that Wonder Woman . The Wedgie Queen leaves her with one more suggestion...when she awakes, WW will LOVE wedgies and rename herself Wonder Wedgie.

 4. Kerri The Brave vs The Invisible Evil (hd) 

 Confident crime fighter Kerri "The Brave" Taylor has accepted a challenge from one of her evil opponents. She arrives to the arena ready to fight, but her competitor is no where to be found. Cocky Kerri boasts that the villain was too scared to face her after all and gets ready to call it a win. Until of course, out of nowhere, she is struck hard by an invisible force.

The Superheroine tries to fight back, but not being able to see her target proves to be quite a challenge. She is taken out several times by the unseen bad guy, losing articles of clothing along the way. The final blow is too much for Kerri, as she cant wake up this time. She is left limp and half naked for all to see.

 5. Fighting Gravity (hd) 

 The Marvelous Logan wakes up in a strange place, with no memory of how she got there. She is very weak and desperately tries to find a way out. Suddenly, a strange sound begins to fill the room and she is sucked down to the floor by her cape. Gravity seems to be going awry in this place! The pressure is so intense that she is knocked out. When she comes to, she is even weaker and more confused.

It happens over and over. Each time, more of her clothes are sucked right off her body and she is met with another K O. Then, a strange smell fills the air. She recognizes it right away, but there is no fighting the effects of the sleepy gas. Ms. Logan collapses once again to the floor, letting out a faint sigh on her way down. Finally she wakes up and gathers herself. She is nearly naked and can not stand the humiliation any longer.

She uses every last bit of energy in her body to fight the gravity machine and with a loud bang, she breaks the force field. Only, she is too defeated and abused to go any further. The superheroine falls to the floor for a final K O.

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