Monday, April 3, 2017

The Freeze of Queen Midas

Cali Logan plays Supergirl who enters into the lair of the evil supervillainess Queen Midas.

As she snoops around, Midas (played by Kyla AuJeante) creeps up behind her and begins to remove her glove from her hand, preparing to touch the heroine and freeze her in place. Cali notices something on the floor and bends over to pick it up, and Midas takes this opportunity to deliver a powerful smack to supergirl's ass.

Supergirl immediately freezes in place with her ass high in the air. Midas laughs as she puts her glove back on and begins to gloat over her victory as she molests supergirl's body by rubbing her hands over her breasts, legs and ass, all while the camera gets good shots of her ass and frozen face.

Eventually, she backs up to get a good view of her new decorative piece for her lair when she takes note that Supergirl's ass looks pretty nice. Like, REALLY nice. So nice that she cannot take her eyes off it no matter how hard she tries.

Little did she know, one of Supergirl's powers is her hipnahtyc ass, which explains her revealing costume. Midas's eyes widen and her mouth hangs open as she is completely entranced by Supergirl's posterior. Slowly she gets closer and closer to Supergirl until finally her face is centimeters away from her ass. She can't resist the urge and plants a kiss on Supergirl's butt, which unfreezes her.

While she was frozen, Supergirl was aware of everything that was happening and is obviously upset, so she has some fun with the now mesmerized villain.

Midas obeys. Supergirl's commands then uses another of her many powers, the ability to temporarily swap powers with another superbeing, to steal Midas's freezing abilities. She then delivers a powerful smack to Midas's ass which freezes her in place. Then Supergirl does exactly what Midas did by molesting her body and gloating.

Her gloating comes to a swift end though when she forgets that swapping powers with Midas gave the villainess her  power, and she gets entranced just like Midas did. She gets closer and closer until her face is right in her ass, and the temporary power swap ends just as she plants a kiss on Midas's ass.

The scene ends with Supergirl frozen with her lips pressed to Midas's ass as the camera pans around them.

This 10 minute clip includes magic control, superheroine parody, mesmerize, mind fuck. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Freeze" category.

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