Monday, January 9, 2017

The Repossesser

On today's local news broadcast, reporter Hannah Perez has a special guest demonstrating a revolutionary new product that will benefit all types of businesses. The Repossesser! Basically if someone defaults on their payment for a product purchased on credit, the device will send the item back to the vendor.

Joining Hannah to demonstrate is company representative Cali Logan. While the makeup artist, Sarah Brooke is applying some final touches to Hannah, Cali chats about how the product works. She presses a few buttons to set it up and suddenly Sarah's clothes disappear! Not only is she mortified about being naked in front of the whole crew, now everyone knows she hasnt paid her credit card bill. Double Whammy!

Now its time to go live- Cali once again tinkers with the Reposesser to show the audience how it works. This time Hannah loses her clothes. Humiliated, she insists that it must be a mistake and demands that her clothes be returned. Cali explains that it doesnt work that way. The two argue while Hannah tries to cover herself. She then grabs the device out of Cali's hands and starts trying to reverse the removal.

This results in Cali's clothes disappearing! Now they are bickering butt naked on live television. These ladies really need to take a money management course!

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