Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Goodbye, Tiny Spy - Starring Bella Ink and Hannah Perez


(Please also note- You may need to adjust the video type on your headset in order to view properly. You can watch the clip using a 360 viewing program on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, however, using the headset delivers the best results)


Being the clever spy that you are, you have managed to shrink yourself down to the size of a field mouse in order to gather intel on  FBI agent, Bella Ink. As you snoop around, she notices you out of the corner of her eye. At first not thinking anything of it, but soon realizing that you are in fact a person...and one she recognizes! 

She mocks your efforts and teases you for how tiny you are. She puts you in her shoe, picks you up and threatens to squish you with her giant feet! Instead of smashing you to bits, however, she decides to send you to the lab. It was an awfully creative idea after all. 

The next thing you know, you wake up on a table with bright lights and a beautiful giant face staring down at you. Its a woman named Hannah Perez and she is one of the lead scientists for the FBI. She measures and probes you. Takes a blood sample and vitals. She too finds your new tiny stature amazing. 

After running all her tests with you, and having some fun humiliating and demeaning you to of course, she declares that you are no longer of use and puts you on the floor. Though you look around for an escape route, you know that those little legs of yours wont get you far. Hannah removes her sneakers and buries you under the weight of her foot. 

Goodbye tiny spy!

This 12 minute clip includes feet, virtual reality, 360vr. The Full video can be found in Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies store under the "GIANTESS" category

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