Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Back to the Start with Lea Hart

You have won a contest thrown by fetish model Lea Hart where she is going to bring your wildest fantasy to life. She has perfected a spell that will make you regress from your age now to a teeny tiny sperm.

Of course, she doesnt tell you how far she plans to take things...or that the effects of the spell are irreverable!

The session begins with going back to 17. She admires your sexy young body and teases you with hers before sending you back even further. This time to 12. At this age she mocks your cracking voice, pimply skin and small cock. She wonders if it even works and has you strip down. No pubes as suspected, but it looks like you can get an erection!

She has some fun and jerks the little thing off for a bit before going back again. Now even younger, teaches you how to use your cock, giving you masturbation instructions until you cum. The tiniest puddle ever, but its there.

For her next trick, she regresses you waaaay back to a crying, diaper wearing babe. She cuddles you and lets you nurse on her perfect tits before sealing your fate with another regression where things suddenly go dark.

Lea explains that you are now sperm in the balls of her boyfriend and she is going fuck him with you in there. How does it feel to be banged around, swimming with a bunch of other tiny sperms in a ball sack? Worse yet, she tells you that she will wear a condom and throw you in the garbage to freeze to death in its rubber tip. Oh the humanity!

This 16 minute clip includes joi, magic control,fantasy, pov hand job, taboo, cuckold. The 1080HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Age Regression" category.

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