Friday, December 23, 2016

Loosen Up with Tilly McReese

You just know that underneath that drab, conservative attire your employee Tilly McReese wears all the time is a sexy, voluptuous woman. You are so tired of seeing her all buttoned up and stiff, so you threaten to fire her if she doesnt loosen up.

She is offended, but really needs the job so she removes her jacket. This is not enough though. In fact, you want to see it all. You make her remove all of her clothing one piece at a time and take in the beautiful view of her bare skin. She tries to cover up, but you repremand her for that and tell her to raise her hands above her head so you can get a better look. She is then told to spin and march around her cubical, which is utterly humiliating.

You think she looks great and tell her she can work fully nude for the rest of the day. She is shocked and stands there crying in disbelief that someone could be so cruel

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