Friday, December 2, 2016

Foreign Affairs 2: Strip Searching Sahrye

Attorney Sahrye KC has been flown to a foreign country by her clients' rich parents. She is met by a nasty guard (Cali Logan) at the entrance way of the prison where the girls are being held. Sharye demands to see her clients, but the guard says that she first must strip to prove that she is not trying to smuggle anything in to her prisoners.

This offends Sahrye who flat out refuses. The guard then insists that she must be hiding something and calls for her to be arrested. This is NOT how things work in the US! To avoid being thrown into prison herself, Sharye reluctantly complies with Cali's demands and hands her clothing over piece by piece.

Once she is fully nude, Cali inspects her body thoroughly, then puts on a rubber glove, bends Sahrye over the table and does a cavity search. The prude attorney is completely violated!

Cali then hands Sahrye a tiny pair of panties to wear as her new outfit while asking embarrassing questions about her sex life. Though she doesnt want to answer them, Sahrye didnt come all this way NOT to see the girls, so she goes along with the humiliation.

Finally, Cali tells Sahrye that she is going to be allowed to see her a prisoner herself of course. The entire exchange has been recorded and she is going to sell all 3 of them on the black market.

This 10 minute clip includes enf, embarrassed naked female, nudity, humiliation, embarrassment. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Embarrassed Babes under the Forced Stripping Category

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  1. I always love when Cali plays the dominant. Find her so sexy doing so!