Monday, December 5, 2016

Chaos in the Board Room with Maci Wilde and Cali Logan

 The CFO and COO of a tech company sit down to discuss a huge project that they essentially know nothing about. Both act like they know the ins and outs of the technology, trying to one up the other with their corporate mumbo jumbo.

During the meeting, the device kicks on and does its thing...which is using gravity to harness energy. Unfortunately for the pretentious execs, it works too well and slowly, they end up losing articles of clothing. They try to keep their cool and continue on with their work, ignoring the obvious problem, but when they get down to their stockings, they can no longer take the embarrassment.

They start searching the room for their items and as they find things, they seem to disappear in to thin air. Maci blames Cali and vice versa, but really its the brains of the company who are in charge of this conundrum and they love watching the chaos they have created in the board room!

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