Friday, October 7, 2016

Bad Mama Beat Down with Hannah Perez and Cali Logan

You run to tell your mommy (Cali Logan) that the boy next door has been picking on you. She immediately calls his mother (Hannah Perez) to give her a piece of her mind.

Hannah is not happy to hear from the goodie two shoes, wanna be and rushes over to teach her a valuable lesson in minding her own business.

When the busty brunette arrives, she pushes Cali to the couch and begins her beat down. Cali is so taken off guard and pleas for Hannah to stop being such a terrible example in front of her son. This prompts more rage in Hannah who tells Cali to stop raising such a pussy, then she looks straight at you and says, "Watch what Im going to do to your mom!"

She pummels the wimpy Cali- kneeing her in the stomach, kicking her in the crotch, punching her in the face and more. During the ferocious beat down, she begins to strip Cali until she is completely nude and humiliated.

To really make the lesson sink in, she drags Cali into another the room by her hair then forces her to kiss her ass and feet before spitting on her and leaving her to cry while you just stand there and watch helplessly.

This 13 minute clip includes beatdowns, pov, cunt busting, forced stripping, humiliation, embarrassment, enf. The HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Fighting" category

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at ***

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