Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Making the WildCat Cry- Home Wrecker Domination

Your wife Ashley is furious telling you that she will kick Cali's ass. Cali arrives. She is very relaxed. Ashley can’t believe how she is dressed, so slutty! They lock fingers. Ashley tries hard, but Cali is much stronger. She forces Ashley up on her toes. Ashley screams for her to stop. Cali doesn’t stop.

 She forces Ashley to the ground. They roll around, tangling their legs, each trying to gain an advantage. Cali is stronger and repeatedly slaps Ashley in the face. She gets Ashley into a scissors. Ashley struggles, screams in pain. She struggles desperately, trying to get loose. She screams for you to help her and starts to cry

Cali maneuvers her into a new scissors, this time around the waist from behind. Ashley struggles, tries to pry Cali’s legs loose. She screams for you to stop the fight. Cali pulls her hair. She forces the struggling, panicked Ashley down on her back and gets her into a matchbook hold that has Ashley screaming. She lets go and stands up.

Ashley is on the ground crying and slowly pulls herself together, then stands up. Cali grabs her by the hair and gives her the first crotch kick. Ashley drops to her knees. She holds her crotch with both hands and doubles over. She begins to cry again in pain.

Cali pulls her up to her legs while Ashley tries to run away. She is still crying. She screams for help at the top of her lungs but Cali throws her against the wall and delivers hard stomach punches. She tries to run again, but Cali grabs her by the wrists and pulls her to center of the room. Ashley is struggling and crying. Cali gives her another crotch kick. Ashley drops to the ground again, holding her groin and crying even harder now. Cali lets her cry for a few moments and pulls her to her feet again.

Ashley knows another kick is coming and sobs and screams “Don’t! Don’t! Please!” Cali kicks her again. This time Ashley cries on the ground for and cant compose herself for a full minute. Cali orders her to kiss her feet. Ashley is crying hard and shaking her head no. Cali puts her into a tight schoolgirl pin then gets up and again orders Ashley to kiss her feet, which Ashley does. .

While kissing, she breaks down and sobs. She tries to cover her face, but Cali pulls her hands away so that you can see your humiliated wife. “Let’s go have some fun,” Cali tells the camera and leaving the defeated Ashley crying on the floor as the full weight of the situation sinks in. Not only has she been completely humiliated in front of her husband, but the woman that did it is now fucking him!

This 15 minute clip includes cat fighting, pantyhose, cunt busting, crying, hair pulling, face and body slapping, humiliation, beat down. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Fighting" category.

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at ***

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