Thursday, August 4, 2016

Anything to get her Story, continued

Cali has just spent the previous part of her day bound in Sahrye's apartment as an ode to the criminal mastermind. She wants to write a story about Sahrye and poses as someone looking to join the team. In order to gain Sahrye's trust, Cali must do whatever she is told. 

Sahrye is beginning to believe the reporter's story and unties her temporarily so she can have her strip out of her office attire and put on something a little more suitable for someone looking to break the law...tight black leather pants and a skimpy tank top. Much better!

Next she re-binds Cali's hands and feet, then leaves temporarily. During this time, Cali frees her hands and begins to write more of her story. She is just so eager and doesnt want to miss anything. This was a bit of mistake however. Sahrye comes back and is angry to see that she struggled out of her binds and forces her to hop and crawl around the room. 

Then she has Cali act as her foot rest just before demanding a foot rub. Once she feels relaxed again, they continue the note taking for the story, leaving Cali gagged the entire time. Cali tries to ask questions through her gag and some things end up getting lost in translation. Sahrye gets frustrated with Cali and rebinds her wrists, tighter this time, and leaves the room. The helpless Cali can now do nothing but struggle. 

This 24 minute clip includes bound hopping, bondage, struggling, gag talk, duct tape, damsel in distress, submissive woman, dominant woman, human foot rest. The HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies store under the "Women Following Orders" Category. 

*** This story was a CUSTOM commissioned project. Create your own fantasy by filling out the submission form at ***

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