Sunday, July 17, 2016

Slow Control over Wonder Woman's Mind

Reporter Cali Logan goes undercover to get to the bottom of a story shes been investigating regarding Maci Wilde. As she snoops around her apartment, she is caught in the act and Maci gets to work, gently lulling Cali into a trance with just her voice. Maci brings her subject to the couch and gently strokes her face while giving her subconscious suggestions that she has no idea what she was doing or who Maci is. She then brings Cali to and sends her home, dazed and confused. 

Upon arriving home, Cali beings to shake off all of the mental blocks instilled by Maci and recalls her mission to expose the evil scheme she is planning. Quickly, Cali springs into action and transforms into her Superheroine persona, Wonder Woman! There is no way Maci will be able to break through Wonder Woman's tiara with her mind control powers! 

Wonder Woman bursts into Maci's apartment and punches her straight in the face, knocking her down immediately. Cool, calm and collected Maci once again tries to lull her victim with her sweet words. The superheroine is resilient and doesnt cave so easy this time. Maci moves on to more drastic measures and produces her trusty pendulum. 

Its a long hard fought battle, but finally, Maci has complete control over Wonder Woman's psyche. She will now use the superheroine as her crime-committing sidekick! 

This 18 minute custom superheorine clip can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril c4s store and includes magic control, mind fuck, mesmerize, slow induction, fighting mental control.

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