Saturday, June 25, 2016

New Models Available for JULY

Hello Everyone!
Im so excited to be workign with 2 new models traveling through my area next month!
Terra Mizu is from Florida and will be available with Keri Sepectrum. She is 5'9" 140lbs with a 32F bust and 9.5 shoe. She is available up to topless and is a great talker 
Sadie Holmes will be paired up with Jamie Daniels. She is comfortable with most fetish genres and full nudity. Sadie is fun, bubbly and sweet!
For custom inquires, please fill out the submission form at or email your script to

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Transforming the Justice League "Naughty Super Niki"

In Part 4 of this superheroine parody series...

Super Niki has been sent to find out what happened to Wonder Cali, Wonder Jade and Wonder Hannah. She enters a very odd room and is greeted promptly by her friend. Wonder Cali is acting strange and wearing only a bikini. Instead of thanking Wonder Niki for saving her, she produces a spray can and drenches her face in a paralyzing mist. Clearly WC is under some kind of spell! SN tries to fight the effects of the spray, but she is over come and falls to the floor. Wonder Cali is ecstatic and throws the limp superheroine over her shoulder for the next chapter of this adventure. 

When Super Niki wakes up she is bound to a bed, spread eagle wearing nothing but her boots. Cali then produces a pendulum and instructs Niki to watch it swing baaaack and forth. Baaaaack and forth. Niki does her best to resist, but slowly her eyes begin to follow. She starts to slip into a trance and shakes out of it. Cali has a lot of experience now and pulls her victim right back in as she fondles her helpless body. 

Once Niki is in a submissive state, Cali unties her and commands her to pleasure herself. While she does this, Cali continues the treatment with the pendulum, bringing Niki down even deeper. Once Niki comes to a climax, she will be completely transformed into a nyphymaniac sex worker, just like the rest of her superheroine friends that came before. The entire justice league will soon be one big, sexy brothel!

This clip runs 15 minutes and includes mind fuck, mesmerize, magic control, cosplay, groping, masturbation, forced orgasm, woman following orders, bondage, struggling, long induction. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril store. 

For the complete series, click the name of the model you would like to see transformed:




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Updates to the Shoot Space

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know that my website for available sets is way outdated and Ive been working on sprucing up the studio. Its still a work in progress, but here is what I have so far.

The living room/apartment set can easily be converted to a bedroom, and the mats pull up to create an empty/open space with tile flooring. All the furniture, backdrops and curtains (I have a few different options not shown) can be moved around to create an office, classroom, dining room, ect.

Paint is in the plans for the end of summer. Since Im pregnant, I have to wait for someone to help me out there. Really hoping to get it looking nice so my content is that much more awesome while Im off camera the next several months.

Monday, June 20, 2016

You Work for ME Now

Cali goes to a therapist in search of a cure for her shyness and habit of letting people walk all over her. The doctor rushes out for an emergency and leaves Cali sitting in her office very confused.

The next appoinement walks in and it YOU. A self centered, womanizing asshole. Cali tries to explain that she isnt the doctor, but you give her attitude about seeing a female therapist. She decides to employ some of the techniques she has learned over the years of her own treatment and begins the induction.

Before you know it you are under her control. Relaxed and ready to submit. She is overcome with this new found power and forces you to kneel before her. She then commands you to worship from your knees as she taunts you with her heels, feet and perfect ass. The more she teases you with her body, the further under her spell you fall.

You are compelled to fork over your keys and wallet. She thanks you for your cooperation with her demands, but shes had a taste and now she wants more. As you stare into her eyes completely mesmerized, she programs you to only work and earn for her pleasure. Every last penny that you make, you will happily forward on to your new Goddess Cali Logan.

Now you have both received some seriously needed reprogramming.

This 20 minute clip includes mesmerize, mind fuck, magic control, dominant woman, shiny pants, femdom pov. The 1080hd format can be found in the Craving Cali c4s store under the FINANCIAL DOMINATION category.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Bondage Cam Show Presents "Sahrye's Tape Mummification Challenge"

Sahrye has agreed to a Tape Mummification Challenge on today's episode of Cali Logan's Bondage Cam show.

Cali gets her taped up and she has to escape before time is up. As a little bonus, Cali rigs a viberator up to her captive's crotch before finishing up her tape job. A little bit of distraction might help keep her mind off tyring too hard to escape ;)

Despite being completely bound in electrical tape, Sahrye struggles like nothing you have ever seen! So much that she begins to split the tape around her perfect ass. Cali does NOT want her to win this challenge and scrambles to find more tape. While Sahrye struggles she adds more strips to make sure that she doesnt get out of her binds.

Finally time is up and Cali wins by a hair! Sahrye is mad and feels that Cali cheated. But its her show so she makes the rules. Maybe Sahrye should come back for another challenge?!

This 16 minute clip includes struggling, gag talk, damsel in distress. The 1080hd format can be found in Cali Logan's Bondage Boutique under the "Tape Bondage" category.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Competitive Cat Fight and Sensual Submission: Hannah Perez vs Cali Logan (Topless)

Hannah Perez have a big fan that wants to see which one of them is tougher. They talk some shit then get started with his requests. First they are to destroy each other's breasts. They quickly realize that this is going nowhere and move on to the best 2 of 3 arm wrestling, which Cali wins by 1. 

Now its time for the meat of the match...the competitive catfight! The rules are pretty simple. The girl with the most submissions wins. Hair pulling, slapping and belly punching are all allowed. Both wrestlers demonstrate just how strong and tough they, but Cali's experience proves to give her the upper hand as she is able to squeeze more submissions out of her opponent before the time limit is up. 

The prize for the winner? A submissive sexual slave of course. Hannah is forced to kiss and caress Cali's breasts after the competition has been decided. 

This 16 minute clip includes female fighting, competitive wrestling, hair pulling, body slaps, arm wrestling, breast mauling, forced kissing, female groping, dominant women. The 1080HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club store under the CATFIGHTING category.

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