Sunday, May 1, 2016

Humiliating Reality - VR


(Please also note- You may need to adjust the video type on your headset in order to view properly)

Always up for an adventure, Cali has joined her friends for a mystery spy game in an abandoned house. What she doesnt know is that the whole thing was a set up to humilliate her for always being such a bitch.

When she enters the first room, she uses her walkie talkie to ask for the first clue in solving the puzzle to the game. The voice on the other end laughs and explains that its no game at all. This is real life and she is going to be locked in the room until she strips naked for them. Cali tries to open the door and sure enough, its locked!

She lies and tells the friends that she took off her clothes and demands for the door to be open. But again, more laughter from the other end as it is revealed that they can see her on the security cameras and she isnt going to get away with any tricks.

Piece by piece, Cali is forced to strip out of her clothing while insults and beratement echo through the receiver. She is completely embarrassed, but finally strips so that the door will unlock and this nightmare can end.

Once she is nude, the door does indeed unlock, but as she grabs her clothing, Hannah Perez rushes in and forces her to leave the clothes there and exit the room butt naked.

This 9 minute clip includes ENF, embarrassement, woman following orders, games, embarrassed nude female. The VR format video can be found in Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies under the "Forced Stripping" category.

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