Thursday, April 21, 2016

Models Scheduled for May

Hey everyone!

I have a bunch of great girls lined up for next month. They are all cool with nudity & have done extensive fetish work in the past.

There will be a male available for the Niki/Hannah if anyone is interested mixed content. Just email me with your ideas and Ill see what we can work out!

Inquiries can be sent through the custom submission site at or by responding to this email. Please make sure to include things such as wardrobe requests so that I have all of your info in one place. 

Thanks so much and here is some info on the girls:

Maci Wilde- at nearly 6' tall, Maci is a rare amazon beauty (5'11" 140lbs, 34B, size 8 shoe)

Hannah Perez- my "fetish twin" with way bigger boobs (5'3" 105lbs, 34D, size 7 shoe)

Niki Lee Young- blonde, petite & curvy (5'4", 110lbs, 34C, size 7 shoe)

Cadence Lux- adorable (naughty) girl next door (5'5" 115lbs,34B, size 7 shoe)

Jamie Daniels- tiny & spicy! (5'1" 100lbs, 34B, size 6 shoe)

**I know the flyer says Hannah will be available with Maci, but its still up in the air, so I will only be accepting 2 girl customs for that date. If anything changes, I will send out an updated email**

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