Saturday, March 26, 2016

Glitchy Girls- Cali Orders a Hannah Bot & Finds out shes a BOT herself!

Tired of doing all the house work while her husband is at work, Cali has ordered her very own robot! She is so excited the day it arrives and eagerly turns it on without even reading the instructions. As she presses the power button on the remote, the Hannah Bot begins to start up...and she SHUTS DOWN!

The Hannah Bot scans the room and recognizes the Cali Bot and scans for system updates. Indeed the Cali bot needs to upgrade her software. Luckily Hannah bot is programmed to keep all corresponding units up-to-date and plugs herself in to sync systems with Cali Bot.

Once both units are up and running, they scan the room for their master. Eventually you walk in and are happy to see a free extra robot standing in your living room. Not bothering to find out where the new android came from, you grab the remote and start commanding the bots to finish cleaning the house. Then, just for fun, you have them strip and continue their chores completely naked.

Hannah bot begins to glitch, so Cali bot reboots her with the hard reset button on the back of her neck. The two continute to clean and you notice that the new bot came with some interesting upgrades on the remote control.

Sex mode?! Gotta try that! The girls instantly start kissing and rubbing each other. Threesome mode?!?! Whoa!

As the bots begin to lure you toward them for the time of your life, Cali begins to glitch. Hannah bot detects the issue and reboots Cali bot. When she is reset, Cali bot reveals that you have violated the terms of your agreement and that all units will shut down indefinitely. You must call customer service for further assistance.

This 12 minute clip includes fembot, woman following orders, magic control, pov, cyborg, light girl-girl, nudity. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Robot" category.

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