Monday, March 7, 2016

A Messy Meeting with Hannah Perez

Hey Guys! Its been a while since Ive done a messy clip because I no longer shoot out of my house and the studio doesnt have a shower.

BUT, my friend Hannah has started producing content and we did a really fun Pie in the face WAM clip. Here is the synopsis:

Cali Logan has had just about enough of her bitchy boss, Hannah Perez. Today Hannah has her prepping the meeting room for a conference which is expected to have a decent sized turnout. Hannah is being her usual arrogant, naggy self. Today Cali has planned to get her revenge. As Hannah waltzes in and starts her tirade about Cali being too incompetent for the job, Cali decides to have an "accident" and spill a pie on Hannah! Hannah is absolutely shocked, and her shock turns to outrage as Cali continues to have such "accidents" during the brief time that remains before the members begin showing up. Hannah continues trying to assert herself while degrading Cali, but this only fuels the fire and causes Cali to continue doing more damage. She orders Cali to delay the meeting, but she doesn't. Hannah is having to remove clothing and insists that Cali supply her with freshly laundered items, but there is no such luck for Hannah today. As a grand finale and "fuck you", Cali welcomes the attendees inside the meeting room where Hannah appears a wet, naked, and messy disaster!

You  can pick up the clip in her new c4s store by following the link here:

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