Thursday, March 31, 2016

This is AWESOME!

I spoke with Kobe Lee today and she is making a trip up to my area next month! We are set to shoot on April 15 and Im super excited because I have not seen her in about 2 years and we work so well together.

She is comfortable with nudes and very well rounded in her experiences with different fetishes.

Stats: 5'6" 125lbs. Size 5.5 shoe, 34b bra. Long brown hair, brown eyes.

Custom inquires can be sent through the submission form at or be replying to this email.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Fists of Glory (Cali Logan vs Sahrye)

The leader of a popular underground fight club has caught wind that Detective Cali Logan has been investigating the operation and has plans to shut it down. In an effort to stop her, Sahrye calls in a false police report that coincides with another case the cop is working, which lures her into her house. While Cali looks around, Sahrye produces a bat and lops Cali over the head with it, sending her to the floor.

When Detective Logan wakes up, she is cuffed to a chair with Sahrye threatening her. Cali spits in her face and challenges Sahrye to a fist fight. If she's such a bad ass, why not prove it?!

Saryre accepts the challenge and the two go at it. Throwing one another across the room with hard punches to the face and gut. Tearing each other's shirts open in the process, exposing their bare breasts. The fight moves to another room where Cali almost taps out.

She gets a final burst of energy and rememebers her civic protect the citizens of her community from scum like this! She lands a slew of punches on the criminal forcing her to submit and be dragged off to jail where she belongs. 

This 15 minute clip includes female boxing, bare knuckle fist fight, hair pulling, clothing destruction, topless. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Female Fighting" category.

*Please note, as requested by the fan who commissioned this custom, there are no sound effects to accompany the punches*

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Monday, March 28, 2016

The Obedient Interviewee with Sarah Brooke and Cali Logan

Cali Logan is a boss who knows exactly what qualities she values in her employees. Sarah Brooke has come in today for an interview. She is a bit shy, but right off the bat Cali likes that she followed the pre-interview criteria of wearing SILK stockings and a garter belt. Cali cant stop running her own stocking clad feet across the sexy legs of her interviewee.

Bossy Cali instructs her to remove her shirt. She is embarrassed but complies. She really wants this job! She is also told to walk across the room, then do so with her stockings unhooked, then again wearing only one shoe. Another test...crawling! Her ability to follow orders is fantastic.

Cali goes one step further and has the obedient red head remove her top & bra, then bends her over for a spanking. Satisfied, Cali tells Sarah to walk into the room next door for the final phase of the interview process.

This 10 minute clip includes woman following orders, glasses, forced stripping, embarrassment, enf, red heads. The 1080HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Custom Fantasies c4s store under the "Pantyhose/Stockings" category.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Glitchy Girls- Cali Orders a Hannah Bot & Finds out shes a BOT herself!

Tired of doing all the house work while her husband is at work, Cali has ordered her very own robot! She is so excited the day it arrives and eagerly turns it on without even reading the instructions. As she presses the power button on the remote, the Hannah Bot begins to start up...and she SHUTS DOWN!

The Hannah Bot scans the room and recognizes the Cali Bot and scans for system updates. Indeed the Cali bot needs to upgrade her software. Luckily Hannah bot is programmed to keep all corresponding units up-to-date and plugs herself in to sync systems with Cali Bot.

Once both units are up and running, they scan the room for their master. Eventually you walk in and are happy to see a free extra robot standing in your living room. Not bothering to find out where the new android came from, you grab the remote and start commanding the bots to finish cleaning the house. Then, just for fun, you have them strip and continue their chores completely naked.

Hannah bot begins to glitch, so Cali bot reboots her with the hard reset button on the back of her neck. The two continute to clean and you notice that the new bot came with some interesting upgrades on the remote control.

Sex mode?! Gotta try that! The girls instantly start kissing and rubbing each other. Threesome mode?!?! Whoa!

As the bots begin to lure you toward them for the time of your life, Cali begins to glitch. Hannah bot detects the issue and reboots Cali bot. When she is reset, Cali bot reveals that you have violated the terms of your agreement and that all units will shut down indefinitely. You must call customer service for further assistance.

This 12 minute clip includes fembot, woman following orders, magic control, pov, cyborg, light girl-girl, nudity. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Robot" category.

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Monday, March 21, 2016

Amazonian Lift & Carry with Megan Jones

Megan Jones has fun carrying little Cali Logan around like a rag doll. She easily picks Cali up and swings her around in different positions, trying to find their favorite one.

Its just so hard to decide with great lifts such as cradle carries, over the shoulder, firemans carry, piggy back rides, being carried like a baby, and held up by one arm. The only way to find the best one is to do them a bunch of times each!

This clip runs 23 minutes long and can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Lift and Carry" category.

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Friday, March 18, 2016

Undressing Cherie Deville with your Eyes...Literally!

You have been flirting with Cherie for months at the office and youve finally landed a date with her. Dinner went well and youre back at your place together, but she is a total prude. Since you know that she will be unwilling to do anything FUN this early in the relationship, you use your magic to make her clothes diasappear little by little until she is completely nude. 

She is so embarrassed and begs for her clothes back, but you deny her request. You also reveal that you have cameras recording the whole ordeal, and that as long as she follows all of your orders, you will get her something to wear home.

You force her to reveal every inch of her perfect body. Cherie is humiliated, but follows your commands trusting you will keep your word about getting her something new to wear. Finally, you convince her to have sex with you in exchange for not showing everyone at the office the naughty home video. However, its up to YOU to keep your word...

This 11 minute clip includes forced stripping, erotic magic, humiliation, enf, embarrassment, full nudity. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory under the "Embarrassed Nude Female" Category.

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Subliminal Messages - Financial Domination

You have been a slave to financial domination for as long as you can remember. In an effort to break the habit and take back control of your wallet, you search the net for methods of curing the addiction. It looks like youve found just the thing! Motivational speaker Cali Logan has tips on how to overcome the hold a financial dominatrix may have over you.

As you listen to her advice, you cant help but to stare at her breasts pouring out of her shirt. The advice she is giving seems great! The only thing is, its actually making you want to spend more...focus harder on pleasing your find yourself wanting to make tribute to the beautiful Cali herself. 

You see...not everything on the internet is what it appears to be. Cali is actually a psychological linguist and knows how to talk her way into your mind...and your bank account. Sorry about that cure...Turns out there's no such thing!

This 15 minute clip includes ripoff, mind fuck, secretary look, glasses. The 720hd format can be found in the Craving Cali c4s store under the "Financial Domination" category

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Monday, March 14, 2016

Cunt Busted Trib Victim

Cadence Lux approaches Cali Logan about sleeping with her husband. Cali teases Cadence that she should have just joined them instead of being so mad. This fuels Cadence's anger even further and she kicks Cali straight in the pussy. She then proceeds to pounce on the home wrecking hussy, with punches, knees and more hard crotch kicks.

Cali grabs onto Cadence's hair and tries to defend herself, but she is no match for the wrath of a pissed off wife! Cadence beats Cali until she submits and promises to stop being such a slut!

Instead of leaving Cali to tend to her broken vagina, Cadence realizes that kicking Cali's ass really turned her on. She grabs Cali by the hair and throws her on the couch. From there she mounts the bitch and forces her to kiss her, then tribbs on her leg until she cums.

This 11 minute clip includes catfighting, hair pulling, female fighting, tribbing, forced kissing, orgasms, sensual wrestling. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "Cunt Busting" Category

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Coming soon!

Hello my wonderful fans! Just a quick update on 2 more models who will be visiting soon. Both are well versed in wrestling and have done great superheroine clips for me in the past. Sarah is comfortable up to nudity and Morgan will go down to bra/panties.

Customs can be sent either through the submission form at or by replying with your script outline to this email.

Hope youre all having a happy Monday!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Batgirl Faces Wheel of Misfortune- Part 1: Magnetized and Mesmerized

Batgirl enters the room in search of Harley Quinn and the joker. The lights are low and she demands that they come out so she can take them to jail. These two have other plans of course. Out of no where, the lights come on and Batgirl is covered in confetti. 

When Harley arrives on the scene, she is all smiles and slaps a switch on the wall which sends Batgirl hurling back. She continues to explain that the confetti was magnatizing metal and the walls are equipped with a magnitizing force field. Batgirl helplessly is STUCK.

Harley continues to explain a fun game she has in store for Batgirl. The Wheel of Misfortune! Some of the winning spins include Brain Drain, Baseball BAT Girl, Nose No's and Hands Up. Interesting choices that land Batgirl in some unbecoming predicaments. 

The Superherione does her best to fight back, but the hits just keep coming! She is bound in a metal neck and arm cuff device. Her face is forced into a special pie made by the Joker himself. While weak and abused, Harley has her stand in front of the wheel, which of course has mesmerizing powers allowing Ms. Quinn to remove Batgirl's uniform and apply more bondage devices, including nipple clapms. After a spray in the face with a seltzer bottle, Batgirl begins to break the spell and uses what is left of her strength to charge Harley.

But alas, Harley has more tricks up her sleeve...

This 26 minute SUPERHEROINE clip includes bondage, female wrestling, domination, mind fuck, mesemerize, humiliation, embarassement, enf, damsel in distress, peril, cosplay, costumes. The 1080HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Power and Peril store

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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Bad Student Punishment with Hannah Perez

Professor Cali Logan is fed up with her entitled brat of a student Hannah Perez constantly failing her exams. She has devised a plan to force her to study. She brings Hannah in for a meeting and has her sit at the end of the table.

She feels that Hannah has too many distractions in her life, so she tells her to stare at the poster ahead while she binds her arms behind her back. Hannah tries to protest, but Cali exerts her dominance and continues with the ropes.

Once Hannah is tied tightly to the table, Cali pulls out her breasts and tells her that she has 2 hours until the TA arrives to quiz her. If she has not memorized every line on the chart, he has permission to do whatever he wants with her. Just for fun, Cali leaves Hannah's cell phone just out of reach, testing her attention span even further.

This 13 minute clip includes rope bondage, struggling, domination, groping, role play. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Bondage Boutique under the BONDAGE category

Monday, March 7, 2016

A Messy Meeting with Hannah Perez

Hey Guys! Its been a while since Ive done a messy clip because I no longer shoot out of my house and the studio doesnt have a shower.

BUT, my friend Hannah has started producing content and we did a really fun Pie in the face WAM clip. Here is the synopsis:

Cali Logan has had just about enough of her bitchy boss, Hannah Perez. Today Hannah has her prepping the meeting room for a conference which is expected to have a decent sized turnout. Hannah is being her usual arrogant, naggy self. Today Cali has planned to get her revenge. As Hannah waltzes in and starts her tirade about Cali being too incompetent for the job, Cali decides to have an "accident" and spill a pie on Hannah! Hannah is absolutely shocked, and her shock turns to outrage as Cali continues to have such "accidents" during the brief time that remains before the members begin showing up. Hannah continues trying to assert herself while degrading Cali, but this only fuels the fire and causes Cali to continue doing more damage. She orders Cali to delay the meeting, but she doesn't. Hannah is having to remove clothing and insists that Cali supply her with freshly laundered items, but there is no such luck for Hannah today. As a grand finale and "fuck you", Cali welcomes the attendees inside the meeting room where Hannah appears a wet, naked, and messy disaster!

You  can pick up the clip in her new c4s store by following the link here:

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hit Gone Wrong (Laci Star vs Cali Logan, Topless)

The agency has a hit out on Laci Star and Cali Logan has been commissioned with the job. She thinks it will be easy to take out her rival, but as she is about to take Laci out, her device jams and the agile Laci pounces, boasting that all she needs to win this fight is her bare hands.

The ladies strip to topless, then declare that they shall fight to the bitter end. Winner takes all. They circle a moment then dive in. Grabbing at each other's throats tightly with interlocked fingers. Putting one another into tight scissor holds and sleepers. Anything they can do to cut of the air supply to their opponent.

Finally, Cali can take no more and submits to Laci who is bigger and stronger. She struggles weakly as Laci tightens her grip on her throat until she can no longer inhale.

This 20 minute clip includes scissor holds, grappling, chokes, wrestling, throat sitting. The 720HD format can be found in 720HD in Cali Logan's Fight Club under the "FEMALE FIGHTING" category.

If this clip tickles your fancy, check out a similar title called "Leader of the Pack" with Danielle Trixie and Niki Lee Young by CLICKING HERE 

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Talk Show ENF II "The Shirt off Your Back"

Welcome to the Cali Logan show! Today we are going to discuss a very tough topic with Dr. Jamie Daniels and her kleptomaniac patient Niki Lee Young. Dr. Daniels covers the root causes and methods of dealing with loved ones suffering from the disorder. 

One of the biggest recommendations she has is not to over correct because this causes more anxiety. As Cali asks more questions, Niki begins stealing items from the set and removing jewelry right off her therapist's body. Jamie allows it saying that scolding her for her behavior will only make things worse. 

Niki then begins to steal articles of clothing off of the host. Cali is uncomfortable and scolds Niki, which sends her into a fit. Not wanting to ruin the show, she does what she can to cover herself up and continue with the segment. 

This continues until both Jamie and Cali are naked and trying their best to keep their composure. Finally, Niki slips and reveals that this has all been an act! Cali and Jamie are infurated and humiliated. 

To get revenge Cali and Jamie strip Niki completely nude and parade her in front of the camera for everyone to see. The livid host covers herself with Niki's bag and calls for a comercial break. 

This 12 minute clip includes enf, humiliation, forced stripping, public nudity. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Embarrassed Babes c4s store under the "EMBARRASSED NAKED FEMALE" category