Friday, February 26, 2016

Shop 2u Drop - Nerd Transformation

Super Nerd Cali Logan has stumbled upon a website that claims to have the best beauty products on the plant. Tired of being the ugly duckling, she pulls out her credit card and gives it a whirl.

The first thing she clicks on is a glamourous model's face. She could NEVER look like that, but punches in her credit card number anyway. She opts for the "instant delivery" andlets out a sigh, thinking its just another chunk of money down the drain. As she continues to scroll around the page, she catches a glimpse of herself in the reflection of her computer.

Somehow she looks absolutely beautiful! Could this be what they meant by instant delivery?!

Cali tests it out and orders perfect vision. POOF! She no longer needs her glasses. This is incredible. She fills up her cart, one by one, transforming her hair and breasts, buying her very first bikini and pair of high heels. She even picks up a side of confidence to go with her new, sexy look.

She purchases a lovely gown and feels just like a princess. She then sees a page where she can buy a boyfriend! She clicks the button to purchase, but her credit card is maxed out. She isnt worried about it though. With as great as she looks, she doesnt need to buy a man anyway. She decides to go out and get one herself!

The 720HD format of this  12 minute clip TRANSFORMATION FANTASY can be found in Cali  Logan's Femme Factory. 

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