Monday, February 15, 2016

How (not) to Train your Robot

Cali is a huge nerd and constantly gets picked on at school. But she has come up with a plan to combat the bullies by building a robot to defend her. After putting the finishing touches on the Riley Bot, Cali boots her up to find that she actually works!

Cali excitedly rushes to a training facility to train her new bot in some self defense moves. She starts by teaching her how to punch. While practicing, Cali takes a few jabs to the jaw. Nothing she isnt used to though. She's been getting beat up for years. She continues with the training by showing the fembot how to kick and apply a sleeper hold. 

The robot is very strong and gets a vice grip around Cali's neck. Cali is barely able to reach the remote to put Riley into stand by. She realizes that she needs to make some adjustments. 

After turning down her aggression and turning up her compassion sensitivity, Cali decides to give Riley Bot another go. She boots her up and starts testing her out. The changes are definitely big! Cali begins to explain that Riley is programmed to love and protect her. 

Riley bot registers the word love and proceeds in literal terms by kissing, groping and stripping Cali. Cali is weak and easily overpowered by the machine she made. She tries to resist, but actually likes the attention that Riley Bot is giving her. 

Cali gets nervous when Riley Bot tires to get overly friendly with her panties and makes a rash decision. She pulls the plug on Riley and drags her back to the lab for some more tweaking. Though she really loves having someone so affectionate, she needs to go to school tomorrow and cant stand the though of one more day of being bullied!

This 11 minute ROBOT clip includes some mechanical movement sound effects, forced stripping and kissing, female combat training. The 720HD format can be found in Cali Logan's Femme Factory. 

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